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Thursday, January 31, 2008

She Does it All!!!!!!!!!!!

Back by popular demand! Okay since I have said that Bianca is into everything, I thought I would show you.
She is loving her new 4 wheeler that Auntie Candy bough ther for Christmas...She is totally learning to ride it and loving every minute of it.
She also has had a chance to wear her hair in little pony tails...Since it is so dark it is hard to see what it looks like, but here is a quick photo! She looks so big when she has it up...Tooo cute!
In addition to the excitement of her ponytails, Bianca has found her belly and she is obsessed with looking at her belly button!
She also likes to sit in the big girl rocker and look at books...She is so independent these days!
Okay, more in depth later, but for now the photos are what I know you all want!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pic Party Segment 2

This girl is on the move! Here are a few more recent photos. The one with the 2 ladies are Bianca's great aunts. We had a ball over the holidays. I can hardly imagine life before Bianca now. She is such a huge personality and we have learned so much just since having her home.
Bianca is learning some sign language and she is really starting to understand how to use it. She is 14 months old now and weighs in at 18 pounds...I think we have been telling everyone she was about 22 pounds, but we were wrong!
We are reading so many people's blogs these days that have gone through or are going through the adoption process. It is so cool to see what God is doing in so many people's lives! I LOVE it!!!!
I will write more later, but know that this took me a while...I have to really take advantage of my down time!!!! Much love to you all!-Chantelle

Catching up!!! Photo parade!

The little wildcat is doing so much these days...And YES, she has a mind of her own! She MUST take off her left shoe and sock every time we get in the car or she gets in the high chair, as you can see in the photo! She is walking-almost running these days. So wild to think that just a month or so ago she was not yet fully walking. Now she DOMINATES the house!I finally caught her at a still moment the other day, but I think it was because she was wiped out! Then a moment later she was up and running again!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy New Year!!!!

Welcome to the new year everyone. I'm up at my usual time as Chantelle continues to saw logs. The family is doing great and Bianca continues to entertain. She waves more in a day than a beauty queen in a parade and she is logging some serious mileage with her little puma shoes. Chantelle has been letting her walk into all the stores now while she holds mom's hand. We absolutely love this little one and we are having a great time as a couple as well. We saw most everyone in our family over the holidays which was great. We felt like a hotel at times, but so glad to have the accomodations to do it. Look forward to next year. Bianca enjoyed her first memorable Christmas morning while she tore into gift bags with tissue paper containing her already favorite stuffed animals and other toys. She was excited to see her favorite stuffed animal Nola from the Lion King. She made it through 3 gifts with excitement and the remaining 3 she could take or leave. Very fun though. She is trying her best to talk. She is going on and on about stuff all the time, but the only recognizable words are da da and ma ma. She knows how to sign more when she wants more. Chantelle has really been working with her and it is amazing to see how fast she picks up on stuff and it is amazing to see her actually communicate. She likes to gesture no when you ask her about any question. We haven't figured out she knows what a question is, but you can ask if she wants to do something and she will shake her head no. She is doing so well. She loves to clap for her accomplishments. She is working on eating with a spoon. She knows where her head and nose are and if you ask her hold she is she will hold up 1 finger. That last one is hit or miss, but she somehow puts it together. I don't know if you can tell that I'm a proud dad or not? We are a very happy family. Hope all is well for everyone and a happy and extremely prosperous year to all. We will add pics later.

Signed Dad Becking