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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Bianca's first Christmas home!

What an awesome holiday season! Life is so different with Bianca in it! We had a ball and she had a GREAT time this holiday season. There are tons of photos but here are a few. A couple of her opening presents and another with a hair bow (does not happen often!) and of course a new photo with her favorite guy. We have been loving to have Eric off of work over the past week. It is going to be hard for both him and Bianca to go back to work...She is DEFINITELY a daddy's girl.
Hope everyone had a great holiday. Still praying that all adoptions in process roll through smoothly. God bless you all. Much love from the Beckings.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Ho! Ho! Ho! .....OH NO!!!!!

So, as you might have sorted out already....we made it to see Santa...Went over really great as you can tell by the quality photo! Actually, I thought it was both hilarious and appropriate that we should have a photo of our daughter screaming in Santa's face this year. I did not have the heart to make her sit in his lap...Thought it might traumatize her for life! She made it through however, only wish I did not look so happy while she is screaming...I promise, I am not a bad parent! What a hoot....Who comes up with that stuff...When we think, okay, let's go to the mall, sit our kid down in a total stranger's lap while he is dressed in disguise, and beg them to look pleased, while in the mean time we pay out the nose for a photo I could have taken as a small child! Hmm....Something to ponder.
With the holiday season in full swing we are loving every minute of it! It has been so much fun having Bianca home for Christmas this year. I remember last year at this time and even Thanksgiving, we pretty much spent both holidays in the airport on our way to see the little lady. I am happy that this year, she is home, (still hard to believe at times) she is happy, and adjusting remarkably well.
She is taking a few steps alone now for those of you who love to know that kind of stuff. She stands alone really well- unless she realizes what is happening and then she drops to her bum immediately....Of course I think it is all great, brilliant, superstar kind of stuff- but I try not to get caught up in what age she reaches all of the milestones....I think people can get to competitive with that stuff, and I am just so pumped she is home, that it is really all I can focus on!
Much love to you all, and tonight especially to those of you who have followed our blog that have either adopted, or are in the process. You have been such great support to us. Our prayers are with those of you still in process. Our best friend is in it right now and I feel like I am re-living part of it with her. God Bless you guys, and keep your chin up....remembering that- This too shall pass.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

With Much Love! Chantelle, Eric & Bianca!

Bad, Bad Blog Momma!!!

I know it has been forever since I logged in!!!! Yikes! Life is rockin' for the Becking family and I am telling you, we are loving life. God is doing some really cool stuff in our family. We have been totally enjoying Bianca in a major way! And we are loving the holiday season. It seems like every day Bianca does something new. What a cool age. She is just about to let go of the couch and walk on her own and has been trying to get a few steps in while we are not looking. She is crawling around so fast we call her the speeding bullet. I love it that she is home for Christmas this year. I am not taking anything for granted with her after the LONG wait to bring her home. It has been so much fun for her to begin to get to know everyone and she is quite the entertainer. She simply MUST wave at every single person we see. Even while driving I look over and she is waving at the guy next to us at the stop light. She is blowing kisses, clapping on command and on beat I might add. She loves to scream with sheer delight (or at least that is what I am going to call it).
Her hair is growing so fast it is hard to believe but the back is so curly you would never know how long it is unless you see it wet. She stand along the TV and bounces up and down so fast that we roll in the floor laughing at her "dance moves". Any time we laugh at ANYTHING, she shows us much more. She is totally in to giving love to everything also. This child will be a lover, not a fighter I am guessing! I am also loving to watch Eric being a dad. What a great life Bianca will have with her daddy....He is so eager to teach her to ride a motorcyle....Patience my man, let's get her walking first, then we buy the little Honda 50 motorcycle...and I am sure that is the tip of the iceberg! He is a sucker for her already!
Okay a lot of baby talk! I am adjusting really well to momhood and I am already planning our next addition...I will leave you all hanging on that one for a while. I do have my moments when I wonder what day it is, but then I get back on track and just take it all in. I am really digging deep to make sure I am following my passions and to balance that with being a mom, wife, and friend.
I am going to post a bunch of photos so everyone can get caught up with the hot stuff. Much love to you all! Chantelle

Saturday, December 1, 2007

It has been too long I know

All is well and we are loving being parents. Bianca is learning new stuff everyday. Let me first say thank you once again for all of you that are still sending support, love and prayers out to our family. We can't believe how much support and love we have coming our way these days. Bianca has brought so much joy to us and to others. She is amazing and we both can't get enough of her. Chantelle has really been working with her and she is learning new things. She is also getting a little attitude. When we go into Targer she likes to squeal at the top of her lungs like a bird squawking to let others know she is there. It's funny, but very loud. Chantelle has taught her how to say more in sign language. She blows kisses now. When you tell her to give someone love she will lay her head down on your chest. She is getting really close to walking. She cruises around our leather ottoman like a trackstar. She does laps and nothing can stop her. We love our little girl. We will get some pictures up soon, but Chantelle is better at that than me. We do thank all of you who have commented on the blog to let us know you keep up with us. It's nice to know the impact our little one has had on people. To make a comment you can click on the word comment at the bottom of this entry and it will let you write to us. We know this is such a God thing and we just stand back and watch the miracles in our life. Life is good.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Party Like it's Her Birthday!

Yes it is true!!!! Bianca is one year old!!!! We can hardly believe it!!!! It is a crazy day to turn one! Of course Bianca had no clue what day it was though I did teach her to hold up one finger...which was a major project! I had her wear a tiara all day so everyone would know and make a big deal about it...Moms do weird things to kids.... It is so wild to think she has only been home just over 6 weeks...It really feels like so long now. I will not soon forget how long the wait felt. And remembering that makes me a much more patient person. Here she is in her birthday tiara and sweet treat...Later sacked out with her dad. Much Love-Chantelle

A Few Fun Pics

So, the one cold day we have had I bundled the sack of pure joy and we headed out for a morning walk...Of course, I am always trying to get some sort of workout in while we are out. I took this pic of Bianca because she just looked so darn cute! I remember buying that wacky hat and wondering if she would be home this fall to wear it. I still get so choked up thinking about her being home. It is so fantastic to get to go for walks together, look at the leaves, play, and just have a great time together. It is just so great that Eric has made it happen so I can stay at home with Bianca....I never want to take that for granted. And I love Eric even more because he has been able to do this for us. We just have such a great life together! Sometimes I need to pinch myself to make sure this is real....Cheesy you may say...but we have waited far to long to bring home this little lady to have anything but positive words to say!
The second photo is Bianca with her cousin Fisher. They loved each other immediately! We celebrated an early Turkey weekend at mom's this past week and Fisher and Klein came in to hang out with Bianca. Fisher lost a was very exciting...His teeth are falling out like Chiclets! Good times had by all...

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Bianca's WILD Hairdo!!!!!

Some really hilarious moments surround little short stack's hairdo! What a crack up! Every morning I laugh out loud when I go into Bianca's bedroom to check out her bed head! Today I took these photos because I thought she was having a rock star hairdo this morning!!!! She actually has longer hair, but it is so curly! We are having a ball...I am adjusting to having a life and just making her a part of it. We pretty much do everything together and though it has been an adjustment I love it!!!
She is saying momma now and working on pappy and/or dada.
Outside of Biancaville we are a part of a really cool project happening in our town. If you are interested please check into the blog. It is consuming much of our lives and we are really LOVING being a part of it! God is doing some awesome things and we just so want to be a part of it. We have been so blessed with Bianca in our lives, that I want to continuously give back.
I hope you are all doing well...Thanks for hanging in there while we took a bit of time to get back on track! Much Love to everyone- Chantelle

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Costumes, Bath Time and Fun!

Hi ya'll
Well here are a few more fun photos...Not a lot of photographic skills here, but I am trying to just get a few photos every day so everyone can get their fix!!!! We had trouble deciding on the Halloween costume...So Bianca went with 2 outfits...Frist outfit, full on ballerina...and second the cutest little Tiger! I will try to post more photos later of the costumes. It got dark so I will have to dress her up again soon! She is hilarious at bath time...and of course we think so adorable!!!! This rocks! I love being a momma!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

More Bianca Photos!

Hi everyone!!! New photos of baby Bianca! She is doing this hilarious thing with her tongue...She discovered her tongue today and now you cannot stop her from sticking it out. Her top 2 front teeth are coming through the gums and now she also loves to GRIND HER TEETH!!!!! Yikes!!! The sound makes me crazy!!! HEr hair is still doing it's own thing and she is hard to get a good photo of b/c she is always on the move!!! That is why the nap time photos seem to come more easily!
Not much time but wanted to update...She will be turning one next month! I can hardly believe it! I will check in again very soon now that I have sorted out my equipment! Much Love-Chantelle

Sunday, October 28, 2007


So sorry it has taken me so long to get new photos up...I let my memory cards get overlaoded and it has been a pain trying to sort them out...Don't ask...sometimes it is the simple things that bog me down. I have been being very selfish with my time! BIANCA!!! Since we have been home I have been loving life!!!!!! I still look at her every day and cannot beleive she is here. Truely the most amazing thing we have ever done- a statement that does not even come close to doing justice to my feelings!
It was a major transition at first, but then once I kind of set up a bit of a routine we have had a ball!!! We do all kind of life stuff together and I think I laugh now more than I ever have and that is a BIG statement!
These are no the best photos, but it seems like I have been one beat late on most of her photos lately! She is so fast I have to really focus to keep up! I promise to get more photos up soon as I am starting to take more again...The first few weeks I just looked at her, which was my plan, and now I am starting to get the camera out....Finally unpacked and back to some sort of normalcy!
I hope you are all doing great! We have had so much awesome support since being home. It has been fantastic and as Eric already said, Bianca is just doing so great! Getting late here so I will sign off for now. Much Love-Chantelle

Saturday, October 27, 2007

5th annual Halloween Party

Hello all. It's Eric. I am up on Saturday at my standard 5 a.m. I actually slept in a little longer. I wanted to update everyone on our world. We are having our 5th annual Halloween party and Bianca is staying away from home at her grandparents for her first time. Our party is a great excuse for adults to dress up and be young. We have a blast and we dance a lot. It is so fun and we couldn't pass it up even though Chantelle and I are both struggling to part with Bianca. She is doing fantastic by the way. She has been totally sleeping through the night in her own bed. She is also the life of every party. She has such a great personality. She laughs a lot and she is always engaging with people. Chantelle has not been blogging because she is full-time mom and I mean serious. I don't know how she has adapted so well because this has been such a huge transition. Chantelle is an amazing mom and I love watching her raise our little girl. We are both loving the parent thing. It seems like we're doing a pretty good job. Bianca is a very good baby though. She is so good and we don't have to deal with a lot of the normal baby things. All is well.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

I know It's been a while

It's Eric. Well it's 4 a.m. on a Saturday morning and I'm up. Both girls are out, but Chantelle was up until the wee hours because she had tea too late. Things are going great having Bianca home. She is a hit and a hoot. She is such the entertainer. She is always smiling. She wakes up smiling. In the mornings when she rolls over with her eyes open I am on my computer across the room and she raises up and waves and is smiling at me. Talk about amazing. She has been so easy for the most part. It has been a huge adjustment for our family, but Chantelle has been the real trooper. She has her nonstop no matter what mood Bianca is in and we have found out she is pretty head strong. I have maintained my normal routine so it has been much different for me. We are working on balancing out the responsibilities. Chantelle is an amazing momma I must say. She is a natural and her and Bianca have totally bonded. Chantelle has been doing it all. She is managing to even cook dinner at night many nights and it's not just simple things either. Thursday night she ended up cooking the entire meal with Bianca in one arm. How's that for capable? I am so blessed to have these ladies in my life. I am thankful. Life is good in our household and we thank everyone for the support and for the positive energy and prayers that have been sent our way.

Monday, October 1, 2007


Hi guys
So sorry it has taken so long to get new photos up...I have been adjusting to my radical life change!!!!We had an AWESOME pick up trip!!!! I will post more later, but here are a few photos of the little hot stuff...She is adjusting really well and just doing great. Thank you all so much for your many prayers and support throughout this...I know most of you will meet Bianca soon. We are just trying to give her a bit of time to adjust to all of the newness in her life. She has a wonderful family both here and in Guatemala that love her dearly. God Bless and I will check in again soon!-Chantelle

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Man, What an experience.

It's dad this time. Yes I am up a little late to be blogging, but it is before 6. We have a big day today at the embassy and I have thought a lot about what it will be like so I will be curious to see how it compares. We have been enjoying Bianca so much. She is awesome and we are definitely getting reeled in. She is such a ham and a little person already. I have loved being able to be in another country where all we can do is get to know Bianca. I do admit I am communicating with my office via email a couple of times a day, but only minutes. I have put my office in God's hands and am asking him to allow us to totally detach from that world for now. We are so happy. Chantelle is an amazing mommy. She is such a natural. I love watching her do everything with Bianca. I also find myself asking her what Bianca needs and what I should do like she has had more experience than me. It's her first time to, but you sure wouldn't know it. She was made to be Bianca's mom. We are loving life and can't wait for the daily adventures Bianca provides. She swam in the jacuzzi yesterday and the day before. We hold like she is floating on her belly and she actually moves her arms and totally kicks her feet. Our foster parents told us how agile she is and that she is a natural athlete. She loves soccer on tv and she is already kicking a ball if you help her. Who knows where this will take her. We think she is pretty awesome. It will be funny for her to read someday how into her her mom and dad were. Well I am going to get ready for our big day. Bianca is still hogging the bed and totally asleep. She takes up the whole bed and she is not even 2 feet long. Actually she was officially measured yesterday, but I didn't ask. Thanks for all the support.

Monday, September 24, 2007

you are going to be upset! Forgot the camera cord!

Okay so soooo sorry everyone, but momma forgot the camera cords to download the fabulous photos!!! I mean, I did have a FEW things to think about in the packing process, but I know this is a hit for many of you,,,,Hopefully you will recover or I can find some poor soul with a compatible camera.....Yikers! Anywho, I also have heard that many of you have been checking the blog religiously for an update... and it is my fault for not having an update. I have been knee deep in Bianca lovefest. Eric got here on Saturday and since then we have been living in bliss. Okay, it does have it's moments where I am just not sure what the heck I am supposed to do, but for the most part I am catching on to this mom thing. Eric is so fun to watch with is really awesome to see. I came down on Wednesday with my mom and we had 2 days with Bianca before she left and Eric got here. Those 2 days were pretty tough for Bianca, It was like this time she knew that something MAJOR was changing. We had 2 days of some prety major stress and confusion for her, and though I thought I had prepared myself for this, I will admit I was pretty sad also. I had a few times that I just kind of cried along with her. It is just really tough to look at your baby and know they are so sad, and at the same time to realize there is not much you can do about it other than just love on them. After about 2 days Bianca really came around and was for the most part back to her old self. She laughs all of the time and just does some really hilarious stuff.....She just loves attention! Big surprise, she is a little entertainer.
I am once again "that woman"....And pretty sure Eric is "that guy". Bianca is really into waving at us and patting us on the back and we think it is the most genius thing....I feel like everyone HAS to see it...Just so adorable! So alas, we are parent freaks that think their kid is more amazing than one could ever fathom.
Tomorrow is the BIG day. We will leave at 6:45in the AM for our US Embassy appointment....We have been waiting for this day for so so long. And yes, I did say 6:45 in the morning. It takes a bit longer to get ready in the morning when you have an baby attached to your hip! We are just so so happy that we have this time together as a family....Being here is so therapeutic....No one to call, nothing that MUST be done, no distractions at all. Just us, getting to know our daughter.
It seems that Eric and Bianca are on about the same nap schedule here and I GLADLY sleep in with Bianca in the mornings...9am! Meanwhile, Eric is making it happen up at 5:30am!
I PROMISE to post photos ASAP! I know you guys are dying to see the little turkey! Wow how she has changed in the 3 months since our last visit. SOOO much curly black hair and 2 bottom teeth, in addition to packing on another few pounds. Her personality so so unique. We have been able to spend time with her foster family this trip and what a wonderful family they are. We ALL went to dinner last night and had a translator. It was such a moment in time to see Bianca's other family in action and to learn stories about her, We said goodbye today to Iris, Bianca's foster mom and it was really almost more than anyone could handle. Please keep her in your prayers, She loved Bianca like her own daughter and will be very sad for some time. What a wonderful woman, and family. I thank God for them.
We will post more soon. Much love to each of you-Chantelle

Monday, September 17, 2007

Celebrate Good Times....C'Mon!!!!

It is time for one heck of a party! I have been having a party for one for almost a week now!!! Eric joins in while he is home also! In just a couple of days Bianca will be with us, for the rest of her life!!!!! Yeee Haw! I am a total nut case right now and I am taking in every moment of it..I can't wait to get some new photos of Bianca posted while we are there also...I know she has changed so much...Wow, we have a lot to do...So many outfits to try on! I mean I have been buying like Bianca is not one, but three kids!
We are going to have such a great vacation time while in Guatemala this trip...I never again have to get back on a plane to come home without that little squirt...So this will be to the great pleasure of all of the poor ladies and gents that have shared a row with me in the past....I have had more than 1 "not great" return flights...Yep, cried for at least the first 30 minutes of the flight...Of course no one had a clue as to why I was crying and as many of you women can understand (and a few know who you are), the more I would try to stop the more choked up I would get resulting at times in kind of a snort...And on occasion would really revert into the ugly know, the uncomfortable one, that NO ONE wants to watch but they just cannot help themselves!
I feel sheer GLEE these days! I know you guys are FULLY aware of this already... I just wanted to remind you!
Not much to report today just loving this Bianca countdown....Much Love-Chantelle

Saturday, September 15, 2007

What Does Dad Have To Say?

Good morning all. I am up at 5 a.m. my typical day even though it's Saturday. Chantelle and I have joked so much because our schedules couldn't be more opposite. She is up writing and I am up reading soon after as she sleeps. Today happens to be my 33rd birthday and I couldn't think of a more exciting gift than our amazing Bianca coming home. What an amazing journey this has been and what an experience. This, honestly has been the most amazing thing I have ever been a part of. So much emotion has gone into and come out of this, but to literally watch our huge God orchestrate this entire thing has increased my faith and belief in our wonderful God like nothing I have ever known. I am so thankful. It has also been awesome to see my wife in this new light as a mommy. She is going to be and already is such a loving and caring mom. We laugh about getting our little short stack home, that's what we call her jokingly, because we have been kidless for nearly eleven years of marriage. We have been blessed in that way because we have totally experienced life together and we can't wait to be parents and start a whole new journey. We had one of our "last suppers" last night and it is really starting to set in. We sat in one of our long time favorite restaurants and realized this is the last Friday we will eat together without Bianca, or without a babysitter of some sort. Last time. Our life is changed forever and what a realization. I am just now starting to realize a lot of things because I stay pretty consumed with my work so I haven't been as good as Chantelle has with taking in every single moment and thought, but it certainly is starting to set in now. I am just happy. I am so excited just thinking about what our days are going to be like giving little Bianca baby massages and reading her stories and making her laugh. I told Chantelle I think it's a gift that we get to experience life for the first time through someone else's brand new eyes as she sees everything for the first time. I can't wait for all of the firsts. Bath time, cartoons, snow angels, story time, bed time rocking and going to sleep, waking up every morning at our house after living in Guatemala every day of her life and just watching her grow up and become her own person. I am pumped. Like Chantelle, I want to thank everyone that has participated in this with us. We appreciate so much how your love, support and prayers have literally paved the way to allow us to finally be bringing Bianca home. Thank you. Thank You. Thank You. We are the most blessed people in the world and we know that. We know how good God has been to us. I am normally not one to talk a ton about God even though I think a lot about God, but this experience truly has allowed me to see how much God cares about the details of our lives and how involved He really is. Thank You God for the blessings. I don't get on here much so my entry is getting kind of long. I just want to say we are happy, I am happy and I wait for the first time we have our little one in between us, in our bed, waking up for the first time with us on a Saturday morning and it hits us. How far we have come and what we have experienced to see that moment. How cool? Talk to everyone soon.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Mega Thanks!

Hola- This will be short tonight, as I am exhausted from joy and my face hurts from smiling! Eric and I just want to thank all of you guys who have been the utmost in the support department. I know I have not been easy to be around at times in this process and I love it that we have so many wonderful people in our lives that support us. From our awesome families-parents especially, our great friends, church, blog and adoption forum friends, and so many extended friends who have come to know us through our adoption journey. We say thanks...Sounds too simple really. Like it is not nearly enough to cover the territory, but I am at a loss for better words...
I am, for the most part, kind of "tell it like it is" and these last months I really started to struggle with my feelings...Just being sad because I knew the whole situation was out of my own control. I know there have been times that I have not been the most fun to be around...I kind of have a hard time faking my emotions. And so many of you showed me such grace in these times. I will forever be thankful for it. And what an immeasurable gift God has given us through this long journey!
I have taken the past day and a half and really just let myself take in these moments. Moments I have waited so long for....So for the many of you who have called and I did not respond please do not take it the personally...I am just taking a bit of time to really feel my way through this and it is ALL good!!!! It has just given me a fresh perspective on life, and I do not want to miss out on this time in life...It is just so precious. In less than 1 week I will finally be with my daughter forevermore! And once Eric gets there on Saturday we will complete our little family unit. What a great time in our lives...Yes, I am a big mush right now, but I know life will get busy again and for now I do not want to miss out on this time. -We love you guys- Chantelle & Eric

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


It is TRUE!!!! The day has come and I am going to shout it from rooftop! Bianca is in the PINK!!! The coveted PINK SLIP has been issued for the Beckings!!!! Holey Schnikeys!!!! I called today and the first time I called I was told it was a no-go. I found out a few minutes later that some of my forum friends that had been FedEx'd with me, had in fact been given the Pink...So I called back and was on hold for MANY minutes....After explaining my situation they checked again, and YES!!!! We have LIFT OFF!!!! So, I am heading down next Wednesday...I will be there with the little short stack until Eric gets there on Saturday...We will take Bianca to her embassy medical appointment on Monday, and Tuesday morning she will have her Embassy Appointment!!!! I can still hardly believe it!! We will be coming back to the US on the 27th, so get ready!!!! We will have a brand new little American citizen with us that many of you have been looking forward to meeting!!! I will keep you in the loop as we know the details of our upcoming trip! Just sooo pumped right now!!!! Much Love! Chantelle & Eric

DNA results at the US Embassy!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that our DNA results are at the US Embassy as of 3:40pm yesterday!!!! Now it is LITERALLY only a matter of time!!!!!! Let the count begin!
We did find out yesterday that the Embassy will not be open ALL next week...Bummer, but we are hoping to have our appointment one week from Monday or Tuesday...I will keep you posted...but look for PINK!!! It is THE KING of of the adoption process...Elvis level!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Perisistence Pays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quick update!!!! We just found out that Bianca's DNA sample has been processed and as of tonight will be FedEx'ed back to Guatemala to the US Embassy there!!!! This is WAY faster than scheduled...Now that is a first!!!! I will keep you posted as we follow the package back to GC!!!! We will be traveling soon!!!!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Busting at the Seams

That is how I feel...I can hardly believe this wait is almost over. I have been telling people over the weekend that we will be traveling in 2 weeks and the feeling is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been sitting in Bianca's room in the rocking chair...and let me say again, her room is FABULOUS!!! I need to take a few photos and post them. Eric's mom did such an awesome job...Bianca is gonna love it!!! As, I was saying..I have been sitting in the rocking chair in her room and I am just blown away by the fact that so soon she will be in there playing. So many days I would sit in the floor of that room just praying that God would bring her home. And what an answered prayer.
So, the latest news is from Labcorp. As most of you know, we are waiting on Bianca's 2nd DNA test results. As of Thursday night her DNA sample is at Labcorp for processing. They said it would take about a week to process, so I am looking for the US Embassy to issue her PINK SLIP one week from Monday or Tuesday!!!! Wahoo! This will give us the date to be at the embassy to be able to bring her home!!!! I am sick about it with shear delight! I will keep you posted as we learn more. What a blissful time! I can hardly wait to get my hands on that little turkey!!!- Love Chantelle

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Diaper Etiquette on a Plane...Give a Girl Some Help!

Okay so of course I cannot sleep....Eric and I have been ending the nights talking about Bianca and our lives together...Then he goes on to a joyous snore and I stare wide eyed into the night!
So, I started to think about our trip home, and I am stumped....More than likely on several issues, but one comes to mind quickly. Let's say Bianca has a diaper blow out during the international flight. Do I change her right there in our seats to the displeasure of our neighbors, or do I take her to the bathroom???? Hey, don't be fooled...Bianca is completely adorable, and yet she can still drop a bomb that can clear a room. Okay is there any possible way there is enough room to change a diaper in one of the in-flight toilets???? I mean, I have spent more than my share of hours on a plane in my lifetime and never have I considered this emergency diapering situation...My life is much like a sitcom as it is, so I can only envision what might take place between Bianca and myself in one of the airplane toilets! Someone give a girl some help!!!!
Of course I will feel like a fool when I talk to one of you tomorrow and you explain in simple NEW parent terms how there is a secret compartment on all planes designed especially for these diapering situations. A compartment I have never been granted access to up until this point in my life..because I have never had the "key". It is almost as if you must hold up a stinky diapered child on a plane and one of the lovely flight attendants escorts you away to a wonderful diapering oasis....Okay, I guess I am getting off track here....But you get the idea.
So many things to think about...and I am stuck on this one.
On this note I better sign off tonight...I should not reveal too many of my "unusual" thoughts in one setting....I do not want to alarm anyone!
Peace out-Chantelle

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Bianca becomes a Heavyweight.....

Finally the fix we have ALL been waiting for! We received Bianca's 9 month medical check up and photos today...And as stated in the title..she has become our little heavy weight! Okay, not really so much a true heavy weight but I am so proud...Last month she did not gain any weight and finally at this month's check, she had gained a whopping 1 pound 3 ounces!!!! What a time to celebrate! This little turkey was in need of these extra ounces as she is such a tiny and petite little lady. Now she is weighing in at a hefty 15lbs. 4 oz.....And the crowd goes wild!!!!
I have to say...It has been far to long since I have seen my little girl and seeing these photos totally made my day!
Looks like she will have NO shortage of hair, and looks like it will be curly. I wanted to make sure and try to get a photo in of her foster mom with her. She is really fantastic and has loved Bianca like her own daughter. What an awesome woman. I know she will have a tough time sending Bianca home with us.
Bianca's 2nd DNA test was on Monday and as far as I know everything is moving forward....Now guess what...we wait! We are hoping to get the much adored Pink Slip next Friday, but that might be a bit soon...A girl can dream, right? And wouldn't that be just great timing as it is her daddy's B-Day on Saturday!
Wow, is just such a short time she will forever be ours, and at home with us. Please be in prayer for her transition...Okay for all of our transition. I know it will rock my world. Everything around her will be totally different and new so we are trying to be very aware of that as she comes home...So no HUGE parties immediately, but that time will of course come!
We want to give her time to learn who we are in her life....She will have to adjust once again to new parents...And that can be confusing for babies. So please bare with us if we do not pass her around for everyone to hold right off the bat. No worries though, there is plenty of Bianca to go around...Let's just give her a bit of time to adjust. I know she has so many wonderful people who love her and I can hardly wait for her to know you all.
What a great time in life...What a long wait for something so special...It is unexplainable for me really. Eric and I are just so blessed to be given Bianca. Man, God is so good! I will end on that note of PRAISE! -Love & Peace, Chantelle

Friday, August 31, 2007

Houston....We have been Submitted!

Yes, it is true.....We have finally been submitted to the US Embassy for final SIGN-OFF and the infamous PINK SLIP!!!!! We have been told that we were submitted on Tuesday, and now Bianca is scheduled for her 2nd DNA test on Monday. I have been seeing Pinks coming out about 2-2.5 weeks after submit....Though it is taking her a bit longer to go for the DNA appointment. So, once her DNA sample is taken- then it is shipped to the US...and a few days to a week later approved and once again shipped back to Guatemala....I think we are looking at getting our pink if all goes PERFECTLY 2 weeks from today....then we will travel the following week (Around the 15th?)Please do not mark my words here. I have had way to many people lately see me and ask about when Bianca is coming home....I then say, "It looks like it will be 3-4 weeks"....And then I of course hear..."That is what you said the last time!"...Like I do not understand their frustration!!!! Please people! Of course, I am not speaking to ANY of you, as you I am sure are so faithful to the blog for your Bianca fix...So you have the inside scoop anyway. Hee Hee (Does anyone really say, hee hee?) I write that sometimes then try to imagine that EVER coming out of my mouth.
As you might have guessed by my nonsense, it is late and my brain is beginning to fog. I guess I might as well get this out in the open....It has been bothering me for a few days now....Okay I am just going to say it and then it will be out there...
My name is Bianca's Mom and I am addicted to Ebay....Please do not judge me....
Those of you who know me well also know that I am a very competitive person....I LOVE to WIN...hence my major affinity to Ebay....It is not that I have been winning ALL that much...But I have learned a technique to winning that I am pretty sure I could market. It is invigorating to WIN...just hard to remember at times, that we PAY to win...What a concept.
Let's move on to another less sensitive topic. I have been thoroughly enjoying myself lately. I have really been taking in my free time and enjoying my alone time with Eric. I am really trying not to rush this last part of the adoption process. Now we know that Bianca is coming home and no matter what in a matter of a few weeks we will be going down there, to bring her home FOREVER! Makes me emotional just thinking about it.
I cannot wait for Bianca to meet so many of you who have been such a fantastic support system to us. To our awesome family, friends, community, and forum friends, I say thank you! I am running out of steam so I will sign off for now.
Peace & Love-Chantelle

Monday, August 27, 2007

No Bianca Update Today...And Other Stuff on My Mind

Hi everyone...Nope this is not a photo of Bianca today. I did not hear from our attorney today, but he was supposed to submit her paperwork to the US Embassy....At this point, I know God is in control of it all....Like it did not take long enough for me to figure this out! I am of course totally in love as is Eric with our little lady. I have been thinking so much about her life and my own, and I wanted to share something a bit off topic of the adoption journey.
As many of you know, I have traveled to several countries in Africa learning about the AIDS crisis. I have spent time with AIDS orphans, living daily life at an orphanage with over 60 babies, and at a refugee camp...All in different countries in Africa. I have been changed by this time overseas and I am always looking for avenues to educate people on the crisis happening there.
I finished a short documentary a few months ago with footage of my trips, that is an educational video to take into schools. When I look at my own life, and now at Bianca's I think of all of the millions of lives, on the other side of the world that are in desperate need of food, water and medical treatment...And that is the tip of the iceberg. I guess more than anything this post is to remind us all of our responsibility to be aware of what is happening in our world....and at whatever level, to take action. If you would like to learn more, start at these websites:
I live a life FULL of freedoms, and I know we all take these for granted. This is an opportunity to learn more about life for people like you and me living under very different circumstances. I want to do more. This is just a step. I want Bianca to grow up being a part of the change in this world, and how awesome would it be to see this pandemic end? What a great thought to ponder. God Bless-Chantelle

Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's Only a Matter of Time Now!

Today we received an email from our attorney in Guatemala. Just as we had heard, the US Embassy is closed this week for training purposes....(God is STILL trying to teach me patience!) So, as of Monday we will be submitted to the US Embassy. I loved his email....He said "Your adoption is final in Guatemala. You are legally the parents of little Mayra" (her given birth name)...Now that is HUGE! Now it is only a matter of time on the US side to get her home!!!!!! Is that phenomenal or what? I think back to the days when I was so sad, or just kind of bummed wondering if these days would ever come...I would think, how will I feel, what will it be like???? Well, let me tell you, it has been the most beautiful time in my life. I have been able to really take it in and focus on what God has done for us.
I know some of you who read this blog might think my God comments are over the top, but I must tell you, now more than ever I believe ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE when you believe and have faith. I cannot stop talking about it....and I probably never will! Yee haw! Okay, refocus...So now it is looking like 3 weeks until we travel. If we are submitted on Monday and it takes 2 weeks for new DNA and approval, then the 3rd week we will be in Guatemala!!!!!
For those of you still hanging on, I must also inform you that I did "WIN" the carseat on Ebay....That site is addictive...Little does Dr. Becking know, I have also "WON" many other things since I learned how to use it! Yikes!!!! Stuff for Bianca of course, and you all know how much she NEEDS it! Ha Ha
Okay, that is about all I have to report tonight.
Much Love going out to you all-Chantelle

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Oh Happy Day.

Well, here she is..LIVE!!!! She was sooo hilarious when we were there last. She gets so easily tickled it is fun to watch. Here is a little taste of what we are in for. This is a short clip of her laughing hysterically! Too funny!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bianca is ours...legally!!!

We have an update people!!!! Just got confirmation from our agency today that Bianca has been issued a new birth certificate and a new passport....Hope she smiled for her photo..Hmm I wonder how she signed it? Foot print maybe...I mean she does have a great set of little pigs. This is a fantastic step forward. Legally she is our daughter. And we could not be happier or more humbled by the fact that her birth mom's choice gave us the chance to adopt Bianca. I will never forget who Bianca's birth mom is, and I will always be grateful that she gave us this gift. It was a selfless choice really. God works in such mysterious ways. Something that could have been so different has been such an amazing blessing in so many people's lives. Some day we hope that Bianca will be able to meet her birth mom, and I will look forward to that day myself.
As for now, we can hardly wait to bring her home to meet her new family. Okay, so the next AND FINAL step will happen on Thursday....We will be submitted to the US Embassy...Wouldn't you know it, they are closed until Thursday for staff training of some sort...What timing! Anywho, no big deal. Once we are submitted the little short stack will have one last DNA test and within about 2 weeks we will get a PINK slip....This will have our Embassy appointment date. MUSIC TO THE BECKING'S EARS! And from my current calculations, it should be about one week from the pink slip date and we will be bringing her home....THAT MEANS SHE WILL BE COMING HOME ASAP!!!!!! What a freakin' party we will have!
We will continue to keep you posted as we learn more, but this gets you up to speed. Everything has gone smoothly so far. We have been out of PGN for 2 weeks today and they have accomplished a good deal of things...Her new Birth Certificate, Passport, and translation of her documents. So guess we wait....Sounds familiar! Much love to you guys!!!!! Chantelle

Monday, August 20, 2007

Change Your World

This song has such a great meaning for us espeically at this time in our lives. God is truly so good....And watching the video is so moving. Kids just need someone to love them...It is that simple. Wow, I can hardly believe we are nearing the end of this journey....I guess only a matter of time before we start again! It is so cool what God can do in our lives. What a great life!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Still Adorable....And Waiting!!!!!

I am running low on photos that I have yet to post, but I love Bianca in her swim suit...Boy, is she in for it! Mama is conservative when it comes to the little lady's swimwear! Okay, so I am sure you are all wondering...Any news???? And of course, that answer is still ...NO...Go figure. It has kind of been a pattern during the last half of Bianca's journey. So, hopefully we will hear next week that we have been submitted to the US Embassy...Word on the street is the Embassy will be closed the 20th-23rd for "training". Who knows really. No matter what the little hot stuff IS coming home!!! And that is something to celebrate. I have been rejoicing for the most part, but I will admit, the days are going by so slowly as we wait for the final HOORAH!
We should be receiving new 9 month photos from her medical check up soon also. So I am sure we will all be on the edge of our seat awaiting those...or maybe just me and the doctor... Hmmmm, what else is happening? Of course, I bought several more things...important things of course for Bianca this week. I have also been working out a lot...I have a lot of extra energy these days. I am enjoying ALL of the my time with Eric and we are really taking it in.
Okay, I will check in later! Much Love-Chantelle

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Where's Eric in all of this?

Hello all. I have been very busy at the office so I look forward to reading Chantelle's blog and appreciating her hilarious writing style like the rest of you. I am so pumped about all that is going on in our world right now and I thank God for how wonderful He has been to us. I want to thank everyone who has been following our blog and following our journey. We feel your support and prayers and we are all creating one heck of a welcome home for little Bianca. Our little girl has no idea what kind of support system she has waiting for her and how much she is going to add to our lives. I am so glad that Chantelle has spent countless hours pouring into this blog so that everyone can really be a part of our little girl's journey home and our lives as we experience it. I'm writing pretty late for me so I may stop making as much sense. It's funny because Chantelle is up at 12 and 1 writing the blog and I'm up at 4 or 5 reading it. What a pair. We're almost home free and Bianca will be lying in bed with us on a Saturday morning. I don't think I can even fathom how much this is going to change me and us. We are so pumped. Talk to you later.

Monday, August 13, 2007

No news yet...

To answer the question we all have on our minds....Hopefully by the end of this week we will be ready to be submitted to the US Embassy. I might be pushing it a bit, but according to my own timelines, that is what I am looking for. From that point another few weeks in the embassy and then the pink slip as long as everything keeps rolling on. Once we get pink it is usually 10-15 days for pick up. So we are looking at 3-4 weeks by MY estimations....I have been known to be wrong once or twice however.
I hope it comes soon and very soon. I am starting to use up all of my adorable Bianca photos! So I will have to re-use a few if my timeline does not work out! Okay, so officially I am in the market for a cool car seat....I know...big stuff people....Hey, in case you did not read the name of the blog...this site is ALL about Bianca....I do have a life, okay....But a car seat is a big deal to a mom that has been waiting for the thumbs up from the Guatemalan govt for MANY months! I decided to hold out on that purchase until we got the go ahead! And stuff like NEW clothes...okay I did not wait for that, but know that I know she will be home for fall I can get started!

Bianca and the family want to send out a BIG SHOUT OUT, to the Abuela Birthdays in the house. Today was Grammy Janis B-Day and Wednesday will be Mimi Jill's B-Day.....We did not forget you, CH, Happy B-day to you also! We love you guys! And really, what better gift than Bianca coming home!!!! Wahoo!!!
Eric's B-Day in Sept. 15 and by then, he will be a FULL on DAD!!!!! How cool is that?
I will keep you posted as we learn more!!!!! Bueno! Chantelle

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bianca & Dad rest.....I am up planning our lives together!

Hi all- What a CRAZY week it has been. Since we got the OUT on Tuesday I have had a permanent grin on my face, and I am pretty sure I have been sleeping with it also. Of course, I am crunching all of the numbers to see when I think Bianca will be making her debut to the good old USA. There are really a lot of variables right now....though I am NOT complaining!
There is a new DNA test that the US Embassy put into place just days before we got out of PGN...So, Bianca will once again have her DNA test done to compare to the previous test. Her birth mom will not be there for this test, so it should go fairly quickly. But any time there are any changes to the process it can slow things down a bit.....or maybe not! Okay, so there is that step. She was born in the province of Amatitlan and getting the birth certificate from there looks like it has been taking on average 7 days...Which is great! Babies born in Guatemala City are taking 4-6 weeks to get the birth certificates! Yikes! and this step has to be done before they can submit the paperwork to the US Embassy. So, once her BC and DNA are hooked up she will have her paperwork submitted to the US Embassy and they will wait for DNA confirmation, then post a PINK Slip, which will have our date to be there for our family Embassy appointment...What's a girl to wear to an event such as this? Decisions, decisions! I am really hoping to see her home in 4 weeks from this point so we will see.
There is another subject of much interest as of late that I have been learning a lot about. Guatemala is up for elections, which will take place I think on Sept 15. There have been some very serious situations that have occurred surrounding these elections. It is more than a sad situation to say the least. Political leaders and their staff members have been killed and attacked recently and there is much political unrest in the country right now. Please really send some good will and thoughts their way. I so quickly take my life and freedoms for granted and it is such a reality check to learn some of what is happening in my daughter's home land. I will not go into details, but you can Google it if you want to learn more about the election situation in Guatemala. The NY Times had an article last week that was very informative on the current state of the country.
Okay, I probably need to say this.....Family, and you know who you are...don't freak out about this. Bianca will be fine, and we will be fine while there....We are dealing with a higher power here of course! But I think it is worth mentioning what is happening in Guatemala so people can see the realities happening in the world around us.
So, on a much lighter note, I am thinking Eric & I need to party it up the next few weeks as we ring in the last few weeks of being free from baby responsibilities. I think I can manage that! It is the weekend and that is always fun in this household! Well, as you can see, it is the middle of the night so I will wrap it up. Much love to everyone. Cheers-Chantelle

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Still has not settled in!!!!!

Is this a dream????? Heck NO!!!!! I can still hardly believe that Bianca has conquered the dreaded PGN!!!!! That little turkey will be coming home in no time now. I have been sitting in her room and I get choked up thinking about all of the times I have been in there thinking about her. I have had to many emotions sitting in that adorable nursery. I wonder what it will be like for Bianca to wake up in her room and what it will be like when I go in her room and pick her up. I think about her dad rocking her in the rocking chair and reading her stories. I cannot wait to watch Eric be a dad. He is such an amazing person and I can only imagine what Bianca will think about her daddy. I know he will be so full of love for his little girl! I wonder what she will be like, what her little voice will sound like and what she will be passionate about....So so many things to consider!!! But more than anything I just think about her happiness and how I just want to be a good mom and raise her to be confident in the person God made her. So, today I celebrate my little girl! What an inexpressible joy I have these days.....Chantelle