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Friday, January 30, 2009

Two Weeks Down & Getting Closer Every Second! - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

So sorry I have not emailed or called all of you personally who have left such great emails, comments, and voicemail...I am a flake...Sorry! I have been holding out for good news, though I did not feel like it was coming today. There is good news...We have been successfully waiting as the #1 family on the baby girl wait list for 2 weeks now! That is awesome...So I feel like now we are getting more in the realistic area of referral times. I am super hoping to get our referral next week for my B-day. How awesome would that gift be? I am pretty sure it would be next to impossible to top.
I did make it one whole week without stalking/annoying our people at IAN...I was really impressed with my own discipline. I did not know I had it in me! I am always DYING to know what is going on, but this week, I actually did O.K....Not great, but ok.
And for those of you (Cheri) who ask first thing..."Do we have a baby?" When I call...Love you and please stop! ha ha You know I will alert all forms of media ASAP once we get the call!
I am overwhelmed by the support and love I feel from my fellow bloggers, new & old friends, family, and even strangers that leave comments...It is just amazing how much love and support Little Miss Sunshine is already getting and we do not even know her yet! I hope she feels every bit of these good vibes & love wherever she is tonight. I pray that someone is picking her up when she cries, kissing on her, and making her belly laugh a lot while she waits for us. I pray for her family and that God would bless and protect them for making this selfless choice to give her a different life. And I am praying for all of you families waiting for referrals, waiting on court dates, stuck in the middle of the system, and for those of you making flight arrangements to go to this awesome country to experience the culture and meet your child for the first time. I am in it with you.
Much Love

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snowed In...& Lovin' It!

Well the Becking's have been spending some quality time together the past few days! The weather in our area has been, how shall I say, YIKES! weather. We have been lovin' it because we have not had to be without power unlike so many people we know and love. Several inches of ice arrived on Monday night and was followed by more sleet and last night snow...Eric has had the office closed for 2 days, and even more important to me McAlister's has been closed for 2 days now...I am jonesing for some Sweet Tea!
We got a bit of the cabin fever today and worked and worked to get the Hybrid out of the driveway...Solid ice, like 2 inches thick did not help our situation!
Here are some pics of our stay at home vacation.
It all begins with a party...With all of Bianca's peeps.

Bianca, looking very pleased with herself after arranging all of her friends in the perfect order on her bed.

Just her lovin' life...Peace out y'all

Here she is, just putting her vibe out.

(Bianca's first real experience playing in the snow)

This is different...Snow angels? You guys come up with some weird stuff!

Oh, hey, a passing stranger offers to take a family pic...All for the love of the blog!

Good Times...This is pretty awesome.

I like to make my dad run fast over and over and over... I never get tired!

I can't feel my feet and there is snot frozen to my face. Are we still having fun?

This is BS...I am going inside!

Oh, by the way...still no news on Little Miss Sunshine...Every day is one day closer! Maybe a call tomorrow...Dare I post this sentence?
I have almost made it one week without harassing anyone from our adoption agency for any info! I have to hang in there.

Monday, January 26, 2009

One Week Down!

So many people have been asking if we have learned anything new on the adoption front. Thank you SOOO much for asking and caring but we have not learned anything yet! I have been trying so hard not to stalk the ladies at IAN, but it is tough....I can hardly stay focused on my regular life. Tried to make a killer schedule this week so I would not think about it too much, but still I think about it..A LOT!
WE have been officially in the #1 spot for about 9 days. I did have a dream last night that we got "THE CALL"..So hoping that dream comes true really soon. In my dream we actually were referred a toddler girl, which I was surprised by, but I am open to whatever God has in store for us.
Have really been thinking lately a lot about older kids who need to be adopted. It is really messing with me. It is so sad to think about what they go through as they wait for homes. Who knows, maybe that will be our next step! I am not convinced that I will be a great mom to SEVERAL kids....Might just be Bianca and Little Miss Sunshine...who knows.
I hate it that adoption is so expensive...Breaks my heart really and I wish that would change...Of course, then the Becking's would be mistaken for the old woman who lived in the shoe...with so many kids she did not know what to do!
I did make a purchase last week...I bought a new crib/toddler bed and chest of drawers for Little Miss Sunshine's room...My mom-in-law is an awesome interior decorator and she did such a fab job on Bianca's room, and she is doing it again for LMS...It is really going to be awesome!
Can't wait to show you the completed project...Here is a pic of the stuff I bought...This is not the bedding just a stock photo...And below is the rocker I would like...We are going to likely recreate it with louder fabric.

Much Love

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The good stuff, the freaky stuff, and just me...

So, here we are almost a week into being #1 on the baby girl wait list! Still have a hard time believing it! And please don't hate me fellow waiters of lists, but I am going nuts! I remember hearing others going a little off once reaching the coveted #1 status, and honestly when I read those comments, I secretly cussed them...Of course wishing if I could JUST GET TO THE #1 SPOT, life would be so so good. So, we finally make it, and since this is a place of honesty, I will say-go ahead fellow waiters, cuss me-BIG TIME if you need to. I think now I have moved on to a new level of freak show...Every time the phone rings I dive across the room to my purse to see if is is the agency on the phone...And when I find it is not them, I am not at all interested in talking to the person on the other end....And these are people I dearly love...Let me apologize now for this. I cannot control it.
I need some professional help most likely...AGAIN!

What an awesome week in our country's history. A new President- a historic milestone. A celebration also of the great Martin Luther King Jr.
We attended the annual MLK, Jr celebration tonight at our local university and it was just awesome. Dr. Micheal Eric Dyson spoke and he is just amazing! I loved what one of the speakers quoted tonight....from an unlikely source.
Speaking of the famous musician Jay-Z, these are his own words


Pretty awesome....

The Becking's with one of our favorite people in the world, Pastor T- We are so thankful for this man and the joy he has brought our family.

I am thankful for our new president. And even though we all have very different opinions on politics, I believe this is the right step for our nation. He is still human and will make mistakes, but I believe in his vision. Outside of that, I am happy to know that BOTH of my girls will grow up in a place where a black man is president. They will never truly know the struggles and challenges that have lead to this great day in our nation. And they will look back and find it hard to believe that there was ever a time that this would not have been a possibility.

God is good. I have a lot to learn. I want to always stand for what I believe in-just like those before us, who gave so much, even their lives for what was right.

To change to one of my other favorite subjects-BIANCA! Here are some pics in some of her latest Matilda Jane digs... (oh and before you judge, I downloaded before I thought to get rid of the red eyes!)

I call this outfit, a little bit country...a little bit rock & roll!

Who's your daddy?

Hours of fun....Cardboard boxes

Trying out her new mysterious look

Wahoo!!! Lovin' these last few moments of being an only child! Mom...Look at me!

2 year old book worm....Just like dad

Thanks for all of your love and support! We love it!
Chantelle, Eric, Bianca & soon to be Little Miss Sunshine

Friday, January 16, 2009


CAN I JUST SAY.............YEEEEE HAAAAAA!!!!! I just found out that our friends that were #1 on the baby girl wait list got their referral today of a healthy baby girl!!!!!!!!!! So, that means we are a MOVIN' ON UP AGAIN!!!!!!!! Praise God! I can hardly stand it right now.
And I am so so so happy for you Truman's! That is significant movement for all of us waiting for baby girl referrals this week! I am on cloud NINE...or should I say 1!!!!!
So, as it looks we are the next in line...did you read that out loud...THE NEXT IN LINE! to know who our daughter is!!!! Man, I cannot tell you the feeling of knowing that just around the corner we will get to see the face of our daughter. I am so humbled and overwhelmed.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Like the Theme Song to "The Jeffersons"...Well, We're Movin' On Up!

That's right, you heard it here people!!!! We have made yet another move on the wait list to know our little girl! We got a call today from Aneata at our agency and she let me know we were officially now #2 on the baby girl wait list!
It was a bitter sweet moment when she told me the family that was #2 above us, have decided to put their adoption on hold due to financial reasons...Man, just so sad. I did not know them personally, but I am a mom who has been waiting, and I know the thoughts that consume your mind, the love you feel for the face you have never seen, the tears of both joy and sadness as you wait. My heart really goes out to them today.
That being said, we are just so happy and thankful to be one step closer in the process. So many of you ask every time I see you-so FINALLY! A great update! So, so much is changing with Ethiopian adoptions recently! I am no expert, but we thought at this point we would almost be finished with our adoption, and now it is looking like at least 3-4 more months...Who knows really! So much depends on when we get our referral and how smoothly our court date/dates go. The process from referral to home is slowing down a good deal also. I told many of you from the beginning it could be like 60 days from referral that we would travel....That is no longer the case. It will be a longer process. The courts have slowed and the influx of adoptions has increased so much that it is difficult to process all of the cases.
We are just so thankful God has allowed us to have another daughter! I look at Bianca every day and I am amazed that she is our daughter. I know our parents feel the same way and I can only imagine what Little Miss Sunshine will add to our lives!

On another totally different, but GREAT note...My friend Betsey made it to the final 2 couples in the wedding contest. There will be ONE more option for voting starting on Friday so please stay tuned. I will post something on the sidebar to link you to the place to vote...This is it! The FINAL vote!!! I just know they are going to win, as long as everyone keeps helping them out! I can hardly wait to see them win. If you are in the STL area, you can hear them live in the studio on Y98FM all Friday morning. Just awesome that she is SOOOO close to this!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Okay for those of you needing a Bianca fix I have tons of cute pics to post tonight. But, I wanted to give you an update on my awesome friend who is trying to win the wedding. Between facebook, our blog, and sending out emails...I think we might launch her into a solid first place! So many people are dying to know and at this point as of this morning, Bets and Scott made it to the final 3!!!!
Voting again today from 9-9pm central time...So please continue to let the good stuff happen for them. Please take the 30 seconds it takes to vote for them...Then do something really nice for yourself today!
Click VOTE, Email Info, Betsey & Scott Couple #3!!!!

Can't wait until they win and I get to post all of the awesome pics of their wedding! It feels so good to help out a good friend. God is good and I am so thankful He put Bets in my life!

Friday, January 9, 2009


Yes, it is true! 4 months down on the wait! That is how I am looking at least today! We are 4 months closer than when we started down this adoption road! I am so excited to think of how different life will be this time next year...I will be eye ball deep in little ladies! Knowing us, I will be posting about our wait for #3! Don't freak out, Eric-if you are reading this! ha
It has been so cool to see God at work in the past months since we decided to start this adoption. We were met with some pretty serious hurdles with many people when we first told them about adopting from Ethiopia. I know adoption is a journey for each person, and anyone who chooses adoption goes through such a learning process. For me, it has always been about faith and really just trusting God. Each time I think, okay God, I totally trust you...Now let's get on with it! -Of course, it is not on my time schedule, as I have a hard time learning!.
So we wait!
We could not be more excited that we get to be blessed with a little baby girl from Ethiopia. I can hardly believe sometimes that God would give us another little wonderful life to love! I think about what she will be like, what she is doing right now, who is holding her, what kind of personality she will have, and what her voice will sound like.
Can just hardly wait!
Check out this pic of Bianca and her best friend Malaena-Sloan...Just two BFF's hanging out at McAlister's waiting for their sweet teas! They have to eat lunch together at least once a week, and the momma's love hanging with each other also! They will grow up together and I can only imagine what these 2 will get into as they grow up. Just look at those smiles!(Also check out Bianca's purse! That was a mimi & gigi thing!)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Help my great friend...This Momma wants an AWESOME wedding!

Okay, one of my best friends of all time Betsey, is engaged. I spent the summer years ago with Bets studying in Thailand. We had barely even met when we became roommates. Very quickly she became a very special person in my life and I love her dearly. Now she and her fiance have entered some crazy radio promo for a big wedding giveaway for Valentine's Day....And they made the finals...They have a great story!Please do this for me...for her..It only takes a second and this chic deserves an awesome wedding!
If you click on the link below and vote for couple #3...She has a great chance to win! Every day through January 11th. One vote per computer each day.
I never send forwarded emails, I never ask for people to do favors, but my friend Betsey is a wonderful soul. She is on a major budget and so deserves a great weeding. She deserves this gift.
Please click on the link and vote for this great person!
I will make sure she invites you all to the wedding! ha
This giveaway will provide every details for Betsey's wedding along with a honeymoon.
As Dora says, " We need your help!"...Yes, I am a dork. Click VOTE, Fill in Email Info, Then COUPLE #3
Love you Bets!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Becking Holiday Shenanigans

The rockers are in the house! Bianca and her dad on break from a jam session...Sign of a great dad...Willing to wear a pink!
This is one of my favorite photos of Bianca and Eric from the holidays!
I am amazed to watch this kid dance and jam out on the guitar. It is a total hoot. I guess it is to be expected in this house. We recently bought a new truck and it has satellite radio in it. Eric has been in HEAVEN because it has an "AC/DC Button" in it! All AC/DC all the time...And of course it has flowed over to short stack. We turn it on and she totally rocks out to it....Heee-lar-ious!
Born to Rock~

One big old ball was had by the Beckings crew over the holidays! I wish I had lots of pics of Bianca opening gifts, but we did not buy gifts this year...Don't feel bad, she got the mother load from the grandparents. We have received some slack from friends from last year's gift selections, and we still stick by our choices! Last year, we wrapped up all of Bianca's favorite toys and she had a grand old time unwrapping them all! Now to me, that is the true Christmas spirit...A child opens your eyes to so much! We did enjoy the great stuff Bianca had already gotten from the family on Christmas day. It was awesome to not be rushed, and just hang out as a family. Eric took a few days off and we slowed down this year and really took in our time together.
Those of you who know me, also know I LOVE "stuff"! I am making some changes that have been so great. I am loving it! The stuff is still interesting of course, but I am looking at other avenues to entertain my mind.
Here are a few pics of Bianca's favorite scary face!

Oh, on the note of "stuff" I was discussing earlier, a tid bit of good info for you ladies who love to shop for cool stuff for your girls in the house. Matilda Jane Clothing has ALL inventory 60% off right now and you can buy direct from their website. Cool people and really cool stuff for girls. Check them out! Below is a little sample of their coolness and Bianca is going to be rockin' in ALL of it with this sale! Thank Matilda Jane peeps!