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Friday, October 16, 2009

Orphan Sunday

Orphan Sunday from Christian Alliance for Orphans on Vimeo.

Orphan Sunday is coming up....If you have not heard about it, check it out. There is still time to have your church get on board. What an awesome and simple concept. Wow, we really are busy in life aren't we? Just missing the boat it seems on God's kids that have been left behind. Time to step up...All of us and give these children a voice. It is no longer an option to ignore this crisis. And for those of us doing something, it is time to do more....I am clearly speaking to myself here! I need to think more along these lines every day. When I think I am starting to "do a good job" at this whole when I am the most jacked up! It is the tip of the iceberg. The time is now...Time is wasting, but more importantly, children's lives are being lost...senselessly. And there is love that needs to be poured all over so so many children all over the world.
Please be in prayer about what God is calling you to do to see change for these 147 million...

Sunday, October 11, 2009


We have just had the most awesome people come into our lives over the past years. God has so hugely blessed us with people who"get" us and really, I think there is no greater feeling to know you have people like this in your life. Our friends Stacey, Gracie, and Ty came to visit a few weeks ago and what a ball we had. Gracie and Solie were in the same orphanage in Ethiopia together and Stac and I used the same adoption agency, so we became good buddies during our process. God gave us such an above and beyond gift when he divinely organized our pick up trips for the same time. When I finally met Stacey in person, it was crazy awesome. Eric and I just loved Stacy and her husband Mat and we spent some life changing moments together in Ethiopia.
I feel like they are our family and Solie and Gracie will grow up loving each other.
Thank you Stacey for spending time with our family. We were blessed to spend time with you!!!
When they were here best bud Cheri came over and took some pics to celebrate our time together, so below are some of the pics.

God is like over the top good. I still dont really get it.
We have been so challenged lately to live larger....for God. It is scary...and wonderful, and more exciting than I could imagine.
How do we know how much to give? Can we ever outgive God? What do I do with all of the good stuff God has blessed my life with? How do I best share what God has given me? What does it REALLY mean to serve "the least of these"? How disturbed should I be in life? Will God protect us when we step out and do something no one else around us understands?...Okay, I have already tried this one more than once and I know the answer!
I am just messed up with so much right now and just done with all of the lack of action on my part. Sure, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I step out on occasion, but I am seeing clearly, that is has been NOTHING like what God is calling me to in life...All of us I guess as Christians. Today at our church an awesome series just finished up called "Disturbed"....and I am! I keep thinking about the words, FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD....
I live so extreme sometimes. When I know I am supposed to do something I typically do it, no matter the feedback I receive...But lately I have been having these BIG thoughts come up of things I should do, and so quickly I change my own personal channel, because it feels scary and way outta momma's comfort zone.
I am being exposed to some people who are loving LARGE for God and I am floored. Speechless really.
So no clue where this is headed, but I had to get it out.
The challenge is on...for life!

Just look at these girls! They deserve a life full of love and I want to grow up knowing what it looks like to LOVE EVERY PERSON.

Check out this wild crew! Becking girls, Stacey and her kids Gracie and Ty and of course Malaena Sloan made it into the pic (cheri's daughter)

Little adorable Gracie! We love you!

Could she be any happier?

3 Little girls that love each other..and one that looks alot like Michael Jackson here...but dont worry, it is not him...Just Bianca..."Who's Bad?"