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Monday, June 22, 2009

New Pics! I know that is what you are here for!

Okay so more pics of the sweet ladies! We are adjusting quite well now, but have been having some internet issues. I have written this post 2 times and lost it, so for now this is it! All of the great words of new mom wisdom....out the door. I know I am really leaving you at the edge of your seat...ha ha
I will write about stuff that counts very soon. I have lots of good stuff to share about life around here.
Big Love

Lovin' being big sis....Looking totally in charge

Ohhhh! I feels so good to be the big sis! Sugar High!

Tutoring Solie in this one...She has lots to learn according to Bianca

Future olympic gymnast/professional breakdancer....Check out her moves

Total hambone

Happy as a clam

The royal highness gets a bath