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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Testing for travel cell phone
Testing...for travel

Keep up with our lives and the latest updates on our adoption!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Such an awesome surprise in pictures! Check out these awesome people in our lives who will love all over little Solie Becking!
Thanks again ladies! We love you!
Red Velvet Celebration Cake! Momma's Favorite!

Good Day Sunshine! Love the pillow for Solie's room! I love the special thoughts gone into these gifts.

This adorable outfit for Solie says Lil' Miss sweet is that? Thanks Seabaughs!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Count Down! - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
MAN!!!! IT IS ALMOST HERE! I can hardly believe we will be holding little Solie Koket is just a matter of days now! YIKERS! I am all over the place with emotions...One of them being kind of short tempered...(Sorry Eric!) I think it is all of the madness and not sure what to do with it!
Today was just the BEST day! I was scheduled to go to lunch with my friends Tracie and Raelenna and when I got there...A BIG OLD SURPRISE PARTY! Anyone who knows me well, knows I LOVE a party...But a surprise party is one of my most favorite things!!! It was such a great surprise! Thanks to all the mommas (and soon to be momma Carrie!) who made it happen for me.
How cool that God brings together such a great group of women. All so unique in their own ways...I love it and remember the days I prayed that God would give me s few true friends. And now I see how he has blessed me far beyond that dream. I was so loved on today by people. Now if one of those hot mommas will send me a few pics I will post them.
We even had red velvet cake with Solie's name on it...I celebrated for the both of us having 2 pieces of cake today...One at the party, and the second as I watched Biggest Loser...Is that wrong? It felt wrong, but also like complete bliss.
God has provided this crazy huge blessing on our lives of giving us another baby girl and I do not want to lose sight of our goal with all of the franzy of planning and sorting our schedules and details.
So wild how sometimes God gives me a CRAZY HUGE blessing, and then I have no clue how to be appropriately I end up sitting eating cake on the couch! It gets kind of overwhelming sometimes when I see what God has given me...Knowing that I am not worthy of all of this goodness.
I am not trying to get on a soap box, I am just blown away by what has taken place in the past 3 months.
I know you are all DYING to see pics of this little miss sunshine! I am DYING to post them...but have been asked by our agency to wait until we get back home with her...Then you are stuck with us...All of us and our photo overload!
How do I put into words what I am feeling? Man, I just have no clue..and no words...Which is rare for me.
God is faithful...Through triumphs and struggles. he will never leave us or foresake us.
Thank you God for this wild wild ride! My faith has been tested and strengthened and I lean on you more today than yesterday.
And thank you to all of you all over the states that have chosen to follow our journey and love this child home. We feel the love and I know Solie Koket does also.
Big Big Big Love-

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oh Sweeet Mother, We are Headed to Ethiopia!!!!

Hard to believe it...I am still in TOTAL shock! We got a call from Aneata at our agency today and she told us our Embassy appointment is MAY 6!!!!!! So, we are off next weekend for Ethiopia!!!! WOW!!!! That is too crazy!!!Get ready to add another sweet little face to the Becking Family photo!!!! Solie's coming home!!!!!!
I will post more very soon! But we are official people! Solie Koket will be at home for Mother's Day! What a gift to us all!!!
In other HUGE news...Somebody, (who will want to hurt me when she is big enough to know it is so wrong for a mom to post photos like this) IS POTTY TRAINED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEEEEE HAAAA
Can life BE any better?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ready to Go!!!!

Wow, it still does not feel real!!! Just knowing Solie Koket is coming home just rocks my world! I am so so happy and thankful.
Another great family passed court also the same day we did with our agency. Today my friend Stacey found out she will be going to pick up her baby girl also. We had another 2 really awesome families that had issues today and did not pass court. My heart is just breaking for them. Our prayers are with you guys. We went through a lot of "stuff" trying to bring Bianca home and it can feel so defeating at times. I guess that is why this time around it still does not feel real...hardly any drama as far as the actually process went. A true gift from God this round.
As for us, proud new parents again, officially as of Monday to another beautiful baby girl! You know I am dying to post her pictures, but our agency frowns upon that until we bring her home....I know, almost everyone else seems to post all of the great pics the day they pass court, but we will keep up the suspense!
Of course I am ready to get on a plane, as you might imagine. I know so many of you have asked and want to know when we are going to ET...I too would love to know. I have heard NOTHING from our agency since we passed, and even with more than a couple of emails have nothing back as far as confirmation on travel dates. I am trying not to be a freak...but I am. Big surprise. Now that I know Solie is ours...I want to be with her..big time! So for now we wait for some response so we can book airfare and get Bianca squared away with the grandparents.
This will be the longest I have been without the little short stack. Pretty sure Eric and I both will be kind of sick about that. The flight is so dang long though we could not even think about taking her...17 hours on a plane with a 2 year old...I don't think so. I am not totally insane!
I received one pic of Solie this past week from a family that traveled to pick up their adorable son....Thanks NEWMAN family! It is wild how much we LOVE those pics that people take for us! We are hoping to get more over the next 2 weeks as we have more families traveling this weekend! So awesome to see kids coming home! Love it!
I am posting some recent pics of Bianca...She has not been getting enough face time. I will say, there is a reason. She finally broke our digital camera while on an artistic rant several weeks ago...I bought a new one and I am not totally impressed. But, alas, she is adorable and so here she is!
A day in the life of a 2 year old!

Bianca with her good buddy Malaena Sloan

This is Bianca one year ago...How quickly she has grown!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Newest Member of the Becking Family!!!! - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
That is right! She is the littlest Becking! I can still hardly believe it! Man, we have awesome people in our lives loving us through this whole process. God is crazy good to us. Eric is a rockin' daddy and Bianca is pretty much the coolest kid ever. Now we get to add to the Becking crew! We cannot wait to go and get Solie Koket Becking! Koket is the name she was given before being taken to the orphanage,a nd we love it and are keeping it....Pronounced Koe-Ket...This little tiny thing needs to come home asap! We are praying for a very quick embassy date. Hoping still for May 20!!! Still totally processing the shock & awe of the whole thing!
Not a lot of words at this point, just big thankfulness!
Big Love to you all-
Chantelle, Eric, Bianca,& Solie Koket!

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Biggest Day Ever..Round 2! - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

It is official! We passed court today!!!!!! God is so freakin' good!!!! Just so so happy to think this child is coming home!!!! Thank you so much for all of your support. Will post more tonight!
Big Love

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Today is the day...April 13th!

Court date- It's here & will happen in just a matter of hours now! I want to just post quickly and say that we have been completely BLOWN AWAY by all of the love for Solie and our the rest of us! I have been in awe this week, and especially today at how many of you have been praying for us and a successful court date. So so many people love this little child. What a journey it has been. I feel very calm and confident that God is totally in conrtol of all of this, no matter the outcome today. More than anything, I cannot wait for you guys to see this awesome little wonder! She is amazing and we feel kind of overwhelmed by the support and love from our family, friends, blog buddies, IAN mommas, & church family. We love and appreciate you so much.
God is good-All the time!
Will post as we learn more!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


The Becking family, Chantelle, Eric, and soon to be big sis, Bianca are proud to introduce you to at least the FIRST name of our soon to be new baby girl...
Flower Text -

We love the name. Pronounced (Soh-lee)...In honor of Little Miss Sunshine of course, sol meaning sun. We are so so thankful for this little bundle of joy and are eager to hear good news about our court date...
I would love to share her middle name, but it will have to wait until we pass court and she is offically ours. (Ethiopia requests this)
Her middle name is awesome too, and I am so happy to make it a part of her full name. Eric and I had no problem when it came to naming this little child. He is one proud daddy again and Bianca is one proud big sis. You should hear her talking about baby Sooo-yee (Bianca speak).
Looks like we just have one last day to wait for court...Wow, the day is almost here. Let's all enjoy an awesome Easter with people we love. Then we will try to sleep at least a little over at the Becking house while the courts meet in Ethiopia during our night tomorrow night. Send up some love for baby Solie and join us as we believe our next post will be official posting of baby Becking #2!!!!!
God is good, and he has blessed us beyond words!
Love & Peace-Chantelle

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Hi everyone...As you might expect, I have hardly been sleeping, and at the same time I have accomplished NOTHING...Lots of time spent staring out into...AFRICA! Not much happening physically, but lots happening mentally!
Do you realize that while we all sleep in our cozy beds on Sunday night, our daughter's case will be heard in an Ethiopian court? It is CRAZY!!! Our attorney will be presenting our case to the judge at some point during our night time. Ethiopia is like 8 hours ahead of us, so it is likely we will know something on Monday morning...We are supposed to be notified the same day,(a new agency agreement) and I am hoping this is the case. Kind of makes me sick thinking of that...I am so so confident this will be our day..Should I even type that? I just kind of have not even really considered not passing court our first try. I am just feeling like we will pass..
About 70% of cases pass on the first court date.
So, I ask...Easter Sunday, when you are hanging out with someone you love, please send up a prayer for Little Miss Sunshine. She needs her momma and daddy! And the sooner we can get to her the better! I need to bombard her with hugs and kisses until she grows old enough to tell me to give her a break! ha ha
We have seen God do some really HUGE things during this adoption process. I cannot even begin to share all of the miracles I have seen...and I am not using the word "miracle" lightly. I know God is faithful and HE is in total control of getting our baby girl home. Now I will trust in him...He brought us together and in a matter of time we will forever be a family. I am so humbled He would choose us to be her parents.
Celebrate this weekend and what God has done for you in your own life. After all it is Easter, and no better time to remember what God has already done for all of us.
Much love

Monday, April 6, 2009

MAJOR UPDATE! - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

I can still hardly believe this, and as I write it I am blown away!
We received news from our adoption agency today that our court date has been moved up...I have read about this on a few people's blogs, but I CAN HARDLY BELIEVE IT!!!!
Our original court date was scheduled for MAy 11, which we thought was a great date when we got it...Not too long a wait..We were happy!
Imagine how much I totally freaked out today when I read our NEW DATE!

I am in complete shock! And loving every second of the super high I am feeling.
I also just want to say I am sorry to the good buddies I have that have been waiting a long time....I know it is hard to swallow at times. After our adoption process with Bianca, I am just blown away at getting such an awesome break.
God is good!
Please join with us and pray that we pass court the first time, so we can bring this little sweetie home.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Here is a little sneak peak of the sweet feet! We were so so beyond pumped to receive new pictures yesterday of Little Miss Sunshine! I wish I could show you more of them. THANK YOU PARK FAMILY!!!!! She is just beautiful! And I can already tell, will have a sparkling personality! Mom's intuition!
It is going to be a big week this week on the BIG LOVE BLOG! We are under 5 weeks until court date and a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT is coming your way.....Little Miss Sunshine's Official name will be posted!!! So stay tuned!!!
Thank you all for your prayers for LMS...Some specific things to pray for:
*To pass court the first try!
*For a quick embassy date
*For God to prepare all of our hearts to bring home our newest little family member
*For good health and lots of love for LMS until we can get there
*For all families adopting right now. We have seen awesome things happen at our adoption agency as far as referrals, court dates, & people passing court. We have some good friends who have a baby in the hospital and a few referrals that have gone out, the children are pretty malnourished. We need to see God heal these little children.
To an awesome week!
God bless you big-