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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Party Like it's Her Birthday!

Yes it is true!!!! Bianca is one year old!!!! We can hardly believe it!!!! It is a crazy day to turn one! Of course Bianca had no clue what day it was though I did teach her to hold up one finger...which was a major project! I had her wear a tiara all day so everyone would know and make a big deal about it...Moms do weird things to kids.... It is so wild to think she has only been home just over 6 weeks...It really feels like so long now. I will not soon forget how long the wait felt. And remembering that makes me a much more patient person. Here she is in her birthday tiara and sweet treat...Later sacked out with her dad. Much Love-Chantelle

A Few Fun Pics

So, the one cold day we have had I bundled the sack of pure joy and we headed out for a morning walk...Of course, I am always trying to get some sort of workout in while we are out. I took this pic of Bianca because she just looked so darn cute! I remember buying that wacky hat and wondering if she would be home this fall to wear it. I still get so choked up thinking about her being home. It is so fantastic to get to go for walks together, look at the leaves, play, and just have a great time together. It is just so great that Eric has made it happen so I can stay at home with Bianca....I never want to take that for granted. And I love Eric even more because he has been able to do this for us. We just have such a great life together! Sometimes I need to pinch myself to make sure this is real....Cheesy you may say...but we have waited far to long to bring home this little lady to have anything but positive words to say!
The second photo is Bianca with her cousin Fisher. They loved each other immediately! We celebrated an early Turkey weekend at mom's this past week and Fisher and Klein came in to hang out with Bianca. Fisher lost a was very exciting...His teeth are falling out like Chiclets! Good times had by all...

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Bianca's WILD Hairdo!!!!!

Some really hilarious moments surround little short stack's hairdo! What a crack up! Every morning I laugh out loud when I go into Bianca's bedroom to check out her bed head! Today I took these photos because I thought she was having a rock star hairdo this morning!!!! She actually has longer hair, but it is so curly! We are having a ball...I am adjusting to having a life and just making her a part of it. We pretty much do everything together and though it has been an adjustment I love it!!!
She is saying momma now and working on pappy and/or dada.
Outside of Biancaville we are a part of a really cool project happening in our town. If you are interested please check into the blog. It is consuming much of our lives and we are really LOVING being a part of it! God is doing some awesome things and we just so want to be a part of it. We have been so blessed with Bianca in our lives, that I want to continuously give back.
I hope you are all doing well...Thanks for hanging in there while we took a bit of time to get back on track! Much Love to everyone- Chantelle

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Costumes, Bath Time and Fun!

Hi ya'll
Well here are a few more fun photos...Not a lot of photographic skills here, but I am trying to just get a few photos every day so everyone can get their fix!!!! We had trouble deciding on the Halloween costume...So Bianca went with 2 outfits...Frist outfit, full on ballerina...and second the cutest little Tiger! I will try to post more photos later of the costumes. It got dark so I will have to dress her up again soon! She is hilarious at bath time...and of course we think so adorable!!!! This rocks! I love being a momma!