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Thursday, February 26, 2009

2 Weeks Ago Today

I have been so so happy about the baby, I have been at a loss for words to post. I hate to add a post since we got the best news ever 2 weeks ago today.
For anyone living under a rock, we got our referral of an amazing baby girl 2 weeks ago! She is unbelievable! When we got the first photos, I was of course excited, but I could not really tell much about her in the pics...I mean she seemed healthy, but the photos were not the best quality, so I was just excited to have a new daughter.
Then, one of the awesome families at IAN went to get their beautiful daughter (just 2 days after we saw the baby's pics for the first time) and they took a few pics of the baby for us while they were there. Check out their blog to see their adorable Hope. I cannot express how much this did for me...For our whole family. It was such an amazing gift to get those photos. Thank you Griffith family!
So many of you are asking what is next...We wait! For a court date..Should know what that date will be over the next few weeks. I will keep you posted!
I soooo wish I could show the pics to you..but Ethiopian policy prohibits it, until we are officially her parents and we get her home.
I will tell you she is just totally AMAZING!!! (I know I use that word too much!)
She has the best lips and big dark eyes, like Bianca.
Bianca is really coming on board with the idea of having a little sis. She is becoming a big girl, which is great and kind of sad to see! She will be such an awesome big sis!
Here are some pics of the proud big sis!

Bianca and her buddy Ty..These kids will grow up together hanging out!

Bianca had a big day at school when they had the Valentine's Day party!

Bianca and her daddy...Lovin' life!

Check out the Ed Hardy digs her Mimi bought for her....Ooohhh if I could just stretch stretch stretch it out...Momma would love this outfit!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Referral Day Play By Play

Momma Becking makes it over to see her long awaited Miss Sunshine!

Sharing the LOVE with our friends-more like family! Aunt Cheri & Malaena

My great friend and also adopting momma from Ethiopia, Michelle! She will next!

As you likely have read by now, Bianca has a WONDERFUL little sis. We found out about Little Miss Sunshine on Thursday morning and it was a funny chain of events.
I had just been TOTALLY sulking on Wednesday. All day I was in a funk...It was one of really just a few days of funk I have been in this adoption round...But it was serious. Eric bought me this awesome Red Velvet Cake for my b-day and I froze the last half of it...(So I did not eat it all in one sitting!).
On Wednesday I had lunch with one of my best friend's, came home and put Bianca down for her nap...Was I hungry? NO! I sat on the couch going deeper into my own personal funk, and mindlessly walked to the kitchen, opened the freezer and got out the cake...
45 minutes later, 1/2 of the cake was gone...Even though I was eating it FROZEN..I finally came to my senses then really bugged out. Those of you who know me also know I am into calorie content and while I do love a sweet treat, I am quick to the gym to work it off. I did not even care on Wednesday...I was starting to feel like the day would NEVER come for us to see Little Miss Sunshine's face.
I spent another full hour feeling so sorry for myself...I am not sure if the sugar kicked in, or what but I decided to email Aneata at our adoption agency, confessing to her what I had done, and also pretty much BEGGING her for ANY info. I know I was clearly wrong, but it SOOOO felt like The BIG day was supposed to be this day and it was not happening. Eric said it was because I was about to go into labor! ha ha
Aneata quickly emailed me back (while I am sure fighting the urge to call in medical professionals!) and she told me to take a deep breath and relax....That no news was coming today and she was HOPING to call or email soon with good news....I had asked, if she was thinking days, or weeks to go...but she did not answer those questions....She is good at not letting the cat out of the bag! (I know they do not want to over case something does not happen)

Later I went to the gym, and tortured myself, I am sure still not putting even a dent into the red Velvet cake bump already starting to make an appearance on my back side!

I woke Thursday morning feeling good. Eric was home for the morning and we were having a good morning. I had one quick moment of hope, when I was in the shower and he said my phone was ringing with a "*03" area code....I thought he said "303" area code (Agency area code), but unfortunately it was "703"!!!!! I was slightly bummed but could not go through another "red velvet cake" moment.
We were heading out with Bianca when I got an email from the agency saying they could not find a VERY IMPORTANT document in my file...Then I felt freaked, because I am NOT the most organized momma in this town. I started to look for the document and the home phone rang...NO ONE calls our home phone...Again it was the agency saying they were trying to get in touch with me and would try my cell....STILL not EVEN on my radar....I actually started to get frustrated, as I already got the first message, now the home phone and then my cell rang.
Once I answered my cell phone I was totally frazzled with these ridiculous thoughts of NEVER getting a referral because I could not find our forms! (Can I still blame the red velvet cake for this behavior?)
I answered the phone, with a 'tude I am guessing and I immediately told Aneata we were looking for the form and I would get it to them as quick as I could (but not in a super nice voice)...She said okay, then followed it up with " I also have some more information you will be interested in,"
The world as we know it stops.....
"I have your referral, of a one month old baby girl....."
The next couple of minutes were a bit of a blur...Screaming, doing the ugly cry,the happy dance, screaming some more and grabbing Eric and Bianca.
Aneata told us a bit more info and asked if we were near a computer and literally 2 minutes later we were sitting in front of our computer seeing our newest little Becking for the first time!
True Statement:
This child is a little miracle.
She is between 1-2 months old, looks totally healthy, chubby cheeked almost.
She has a bit of curly hair already and the most amazing lips! She is just a little miracle!
Before we even saw her picture I told Aneata she was ours and we could not be happier. Then I looked at her, and man she is just so so amazing!
I have a really bad quality video Eric did his best to video us while we opened the email and saw Little Miss Sunshine for the first time. I am thinking I will try to post it...But be warned...I am a super sap.

So here we are...The Becking's...Table for four, please!
Everyone has been asking about the next steps for us.
Little Miss Sunshine will now be assigned a court date....It looks like we will wait just to get assigned a court date about one month, then we will learn of the scheduled court date, which looks to be currently another 2-2.5 months away....We HOPE to pass court, and I have every reason to believe we will (though common not to the first round)...If we pass then another 4 weeks until we go get her.
I predict JUNE to bring her home....Maybe we should call her Junebug....Just kidding.
I am getting a ton of heat about her real name and we are narrowing it down.

There is a family from our agency in Ethiopia as we speak picking up their baby...They have agreed to try and get more pics of LMS for us while they are there. She is living at an orphanage, and I have heard great stuff about the caregivers there.
We might have more pics in the next couple of weeks, but sorry we still cannot share them! Not until we pass court, and bring her home! Oh, the anxiety of it all! Sorry you cannot see her. I know it is hard!

One Happy Valentine Couple! We celebrated with a night our on Valentine's day! What a gift!
Thank you for the love that has literally POURED in from the people we love, friends, fellow bloggers, strangers-now friends, and our community!
I am blown away. Keep loving this little squirt home!
Much Love

Friday, February 13, 2009

SWEET MOTHER, WE HAVE A BABY!!!! REFERRAL!!!!!!!! - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

It is true!!!!! The words you read are CORRECT!!!! We have a BABY GIRL!!!!
We got the call yesterday that we have a new little Becking baby girl!
She is 1-2 months old. She is ADORABLE, healthy, amazing, fantastic, wonderful, and a true angel from God!
I will post more later tonight...But I know so many of you have been totally waiting for this. She still needs your prayers.
So so happy! Chantelle, Eric & Bianca

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Mother Load Post...

So, I had an AWESOME birthday last week! I was so hoping to get our referral on my b-day, and although it did not happen I was happy to take in the day with the people I love. Most importantly, Eric & Bianca. I do not post a lot about Eric for some reason. I am not sure why....He & Bianca are the most unbelievable gifts in my life. He has been my best friend for so many years now and I could not imagine any part of my life without him. By far, he is the person who has encouraged me to go for my dreams. For so many years, he believed in me, and as we kind of grew up together I learned that it was okay to think outside of the box. It is because God put him in my life that I get to live so free to be completely just who I am. So, thank you Beck. I love you.

He spoiled me big time on my b-day this year and we had a great evening out with my 2 best friends and their hubbies.

35 Feels great! I am loving the thirties so far. I would NEVER want to go back to the twenties, or especially the teen years....If I knew then what I know now! No regrets really, though I have done and said some really lame things in my life, it is all a learning experience!

Also so so so excited to post about our trip to Atlanta this past weekend! GOD IS HUGE!!!!! And those words do no justice to the reality of what took place there. We challenged our friends, neighbors, church peeps, and anyone who would listen to help us fill up a U-Haul to take to Atlanta help fill a container that will be shipped to the orphanages that Heart for Africa sponsors. We had this wild idea, and thought, let's try it ans see what happens....WE WERE ROCKED! Initially we thought, maybe fill up the back of our truck, then maybe a small U-Haul trailer....By the end of the day on Friday we had the biggest trailer my truck could haul PACKED with stuff for these babies in need! THANK YOU CAPE G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We put the word out LITERALLY a few days before we left. I am just still shocked at the hearts of people in our church and community. I love this place.

Here are just a few pics of the drop off sites.

Here we are arriving at the Heart For Africa offices with our hog of a trailer. A pic of us with the Ferguson's our awesome new friends, and Janine Maxwell! We are so pumped!

Two crazy Missouri mommas at the Heart For Africa Celebration Event

Lovin' Life with Eric at the event...We danced until I could not longer stand up in my heels!

Three CRAZY mommas with a HEART FOR AFRICA!!! We love what you are doing Janine! Total Maverick!

If you have not done this already and you follow our blog, please read It's Not Okay With Me, by Janine Maxwell. It opened my eyes so much...Not only what is happening in Africa, but also to my own blessed life and it gave me a new perspective that has stuck on what really matters in life. Go for it!
I have a few other things to report about our Atlanta trip, but they will have to wait a bit...Stay tuned for some inspiration.

Okay, we are earning our wings here, once again...We wait. I have been cracking up lately at so many of you who ask about any news, and then tell me you can hardly stand the wait...THANK YOU. I love you for that.
I can hardly wait also, go figure!
I THINK we are getting close...hee hee...Who the hell knows! Sorry if that offended anyone, but this blog is for my real life thoughts...
Every day is a waiting game...Will they call, will they not. Maybe I will leave my phone at home while I run errands so I can look forward to checking my phone when I get home only to find they once again have NOT called...Some serious nutso kind of thoughts going on over here!
I do want to let everyone know that we will NOT be able to post Little Miss Sunshine's pic on the blog until we are officially her parents. Ethiopia does this to protect their children...If you know me very well, you will also know that I will likely have her photo attached to my hip once I know who she is however!
I am pumped! so so so pumped!
If we get a referral this week, it looks like maybe May we would travel...Again is life goes perfectly! So please do not quote me on that, though I know someone will!
God is teaching me some good stuff in all of this.

Two Words...ROCK STAR
This little child is unreal. I am starting to see her grow up a bit and it is rockin' my world. She is starting a new morning program this week, and selfishly I am kind of dreading it...Hard to explain.
She is a crack up in every way...We are learning that at this stage in life however she DOES NOT LIKE momma holding another baby. I mean she FREAKS out lately when she sees me holding another kid, and these are people we know and LOVE big time! Hoping it is just a phase, and I am sure like any person who has been pregnant with a second child, it is kind of wold to think how that will affect your first born.
She has been enjoying wearing ALL of my stuff. Here is a funny pic after the ice storm. This was the gear I had worn outside..The Mini-Me Pics

I never knew I could love so deeply...

That is all for now...This has taken me FOREVER to post! My brain is fried!
Much Much Love-Chantelle

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Hi everyone!
Just in case you are a local and not on my LARGE email list, I want to make sure we ask everyone for donations for our upcoming trip to Atlanta this weekend! '
We are involved with an awesome organization called Heart For Africa. They are based in Atlanta and we are headed there this weekend with some new great friends of ours,Jeremy & Raelenna Ferguson
to an event for Heart for Africa.
In deciding to make this HELLLACIOUS drive, we also jokingly said to each other how cool it would be if we could get enough donations that we would have to pull a U-Haul down....Fast forward a few weeks, and guess who just booked a U-Haul!
Heart for Africa is sending a container shipment to Africa in April and they are taking donations for GREATLY needed items for orphanages there.
We have been emailing, terrorizing, and harassing (In love of course) our local community and they have really stepped up!
So we will pull our of this small town Missouri, early Saturday LOADED with AWESOME STUFF!!!
The local orphanage that will get a large portion of the goods is located in Swaziland. This is an orphanage that Heart for Africa has come along side to help. Their situation is dire and the needs are tremendous.
If you are local to us or are a local Atlanta peep, here is what the needs are for the container shipment:
High Chairs
Pack & Plays
Bouncy Seats
Rocking Chairs
Small Book Shelves
Disposable Diapers
Underwear 2t and up

Bottom Line-All babies need love and attention....We can help. The babies/children at this orphanage have no beds/high where to sleep, but the floor. Here is a great chance to make a difference with stuff that is collecting dust for many of us.
Check out Heart for Africa's-Janine Maxwell and read her life changing book- It's Not Okay With Me
God is good! Will update as we know more!