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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Party Chica

Hi guys
Okay, I admit...this photo was taken from my cell phone...I know all of you fellow shutterbugs are not appreciating the quality, but alas I cannot find our smaller camera so therefore, not many pics are being taken. Bianca is a million mile an hour so it is a lucky moment when we get a good photo. The little skirt she has on, I bought last summer. What I am learning about our little pint size chicita, is that she can still wear really little skirt sizes...I think this one is like 6 months.
Anywho, we are a bit sad as she is outgrowing her sassy John Deere boots, though I have still been jamming her little foot into them!

Can I just say that God ROCKS!!! We have been through some stressful times over the past few months and God has just shown up in such a huge way. We are praying for some specific BIG prayers for some of our family members and our own family, so I will keep you posted on the great ways God answers these prayers.
So how is everyone out there?
I am not sure really how many people still read the blog...I still run into so many of you who say that you still read, but just don't comment. (I do the same thing on many of your own blogs) I never signed up to keep a running total of how many people log on...And also just opened out profile for public use last month...
We are all healthy and very happy....And I am in a big learning curve in many areas of my life. Can hardly wait for summer! It will be fun to teach Bianca how to swim this year! And I desperately need some rays! Wow, I have missed my Guatemala fixes the past 6 months, though LOVE having Bianca home!!!
I have some fun things to post so stay tuned....Will need a night that I have more time!
Much love-Chantelle