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Monday, March 31, 2008


Our FIRST official Easter at home as a family!!!! LOVE IT!!!

Bianca being adorable...Tough to get photos as she is ON THE MOVE!!!

FOUR GENERATIONS OF FAMILY!!!! Bianca, Her daddy, Grammy Janis, and Gigi Joyce


Anonymous said...

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Cheri said...

Mama...I don't know who looked better...Mother or Daughter! Y'all look so happy! Aaahh! Beautiful Family INSIDE and OUT! cheri

Darcy said...

She just looks adorable all dressed up. Your family is gorgeous! Her hair is darling like that.
Thanks for the comment on our blog. . . love seeing new pics of Bianca.
Darcy McMurray

Robyn said...

What a beautiful family!!


Susie said...

Hey Girl! I emailed Cheri and asked for your blog so I could check up on you. Your Bianca is BEAUTIFUL, just like her Mom. Thank you for being so gracious and welcoming to my husband and I a week ago. Thank you also for sharing the amazing heart God has given you. Blessings, Susie

Ruthanne said...

Awwww......look at her!! She looks all grown up!! LOVE the family photo!!