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Thursday, August 27, 2009

First NEW Family Photo & Deep Thoughts

Here is our first official pic of the whole NEW and improved Becking crew. Again, thanks Cheri! This was at her son Brock's graduation party. I need to put this out on the table fellow bloggers....I have had a tough time blogging lately. Not because I have not been inspired or moved lately. Most of the time I am sure I sound like an over the top broken record here, but hey, it's my big love blog, so I guess I will continue to write what I am feeling.
It seems like God continues to show me unprecedented levels of faith in people in and around my life. Last week a family in our community tragically lost their 20 month old son in a drowning accident. I cannot begin to comprehend that loss...not even in the smallest way. The faith that God gave the mom was and still is astounding to me. I am completely blown away and very humbled. While thousands of people prayed for their child, what God did through this mom has changed people's lives. It is not my purpose to talk about details of this family's loss, but I do want to say that I praise God for their faith through this time of such loss. I have grown so much through the words of this mom in the past week. I have been challenged in my own faith and I am in awe of what God has done for the good through this terrible accident.
In addition to this, I am continually reminded something about my girls....That they are not mine, but God's gift to me for a time. I am so thankful to be able to be in their lives and I don't want to miss any moment of either of their lives- because my mind and heart are elsewhere...Stressed, frustrated, overwhelmed at times with momhood, being selfish, apathetic, bored with life....These are things that creep into my mind at times and want to be more and more mindful of it.
What a waste of time when we dwell on things we cannot control. Money, work, family problems, illness...the list goes on.
What REALLY is God calling each of us to do? For me, I mean for real, WHAT is it? How uncomfortable do I need to be to be in the right spot? Why does it have to be so scary?
I never thought of myself as the motherly type, and now I have 2 of the most awesome little humans in my life, and I wonder what more is in store there. Could I handle 4 or 5 kids in my life? Sometimes I think YES! and others I think, heck no! Wild to think about what God is calling us each to step up and do....I know one thing, I am supposed to DO something, ALL OF THE TIME! Instead of getting in my own little comfort zone where everything is nice and cozy and...BORING!!!
So, here I go into a new endeavor....A College girl's Small group! Yep, I said it! Stay tuned!
I also realize I have not been my usual comedic self lately, and it is not for a loss of laughter in our house, but some stuff just hangs heavy in my mind and this is a good place to get it all out!
Peace Out!


Dara Kinder said...

I always enjoy your posts Chantelle. I have been reading a book called "Made to Count" that really has opened my eyes to many different aspects of my life. Your post made me think that you might like to read it in your "spare time" LOL!

Dawn Weinman said...

Oh man, we love you Beckings! Your family is beautiful, inspiring and just absolutely amazing! We have so much we want to talk with you about! I love what you said about our kids not really being ours. I think about that a lot and it always reminds me how truly blessed I am and how important it is that we raise these gifts up to be people after God's own heart! Oh, I just want to see and squeeze and hug and kiss your beautiful girls!
All our love,
The Weinman Crew

Cheri said...

I love you, Sister in Christ!!!! Thanks for always challenging me through your challenges. You are so right about living in the moment with your angel babies cause you have seen how quickly ages 14-19 have gone with Brock-ster. You got to watch him become a man and still becoming one and he wasn't even your son, so just you wait. I LOVE we have children to raise together! I can't wait to hear about your new small group details! Love it!

Lund7 said...

Great post! I never thought I would have 5 children. If God is calling you to have a bigger family, you'd be wonderful at it. In the meantime, just enjoy those precious little ones!!

Chantelle said...

Thanks all you lovely ladies!!!! Thanks for followin gour lives and supporting us!
Dara, coant wait to get the book!

Our Adoption Journey said...

Chantelle your new family photo is so beautiful. Your children are so cute!!

Pineapple Princess said...

Love this family photo! I also love what you write. I can tell God is moving on your heart big time!

Unknown said...

Beautiful post Chantelle!

I love the new family photo - you are all gorgeous! You always look so beautiful and put together - must be the 2 kids vs 8...that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Hugs and blessings - prayers for the family who lost their son! Praising God he is with Him now!