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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Party Like it's Her Birthday!

Yes it is true!!!! Bianca is one year old!!!! We can hardly believe it!!!! It is a crazy day to turn one! Of course Bianca had no clue what day it was though I did teach her to hold up one finger...which was a major project! I had her wear a tiara all day so everyone would know and make a big deal about it...Moms do weird things to kids.... It is so wild to think she has only been home just over 6 weeks...It really feels like so long now. I will not soon forget how long the wait felt. And remembering that makes me a much more patient person. Here she is in her birthday tiara and sweet treat...Later sacked out with her dad. Much Love-Chantelle


Our Family of 5 said...

Awww, Happy 1st Birthday Bianca!

Darcy said...

Happy Birthday Bianca!!!!! What a sweet tiara! We leave Monday to see our Lucia at the Westin and spend Thanksgiving with her. I can't wait to have her home. I love checking your blog and seeing Bianca at home. It gives me hope.
Happy Thanksgiving!

The Wilkens Family said...

Happy 1st Birthday! What a little sweetie!

John Daharsh said...

Hey Chantelle, it's great to hear about Bianca and you guys. Hope Thanksgiving was great. We're due for baby in ~1 month.

Tell Eric I said hi.

Ruthanne said...

oh my gosh!! I'm so far behind on reading blogs---and I missed sweet Bianca's birthday!! I LOVE all the new pictures you posted---she is the sweetest little girl!!! Isn't being a mommy the BEST?!?!?!?!