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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Bianca's WILD Hairdo!!!!!

Some really hilarious moments surround little short stack's hairdo! What a crack up! Every morning I laugh out loud when I go into Bianca's bedroom to check out her bed head! Today I took these photos because I thought she was having a rock star hairdo this morning!!!! She actually has longer hair, but it is so curly! We are having a ball...I am adjusting to having a life and just making her a part of it. We pretty much do everything together and though it has been an adjustment I love it!!!
She is saying momma now and working on pappy and/or dada.
Outside of Biancaville we are a part of a really cool project happening in our town. If you are interested please check into the blog. It is consuming much of our lives and we are really LOVING being a part of it! God is doing some awesome things and we just so want to be a part of it. We have been so blessed with Bianca in our lives, that I want to continuously give back.
I hope you are all doing well...Thanks for hanging in there while we took a bit of time to get back on track! Much Love to everyone- Chantelle


Our Family of 5 said...

Love it! She is so darn cute! Love her curls. As a momma of a cutie with lots of curls, we are always amazed at how it looks first thing in the morning!

Cheri said...

You've got the gir trained when the camera comes out!!! I love her BIG personality inside that wee, little body! Malaena is going to love her big buddy! We won't know what has HIT us! Thanks for the new pictures. We got a good laugh...Donnie and Cheri

The Wilkens Family said...

She is so precious! Her nursery is adorable! So glad you are home and doing well.


Kristen and the Gang said...

AHHHH Chantelle...I just love seeing pics of "Your Bianca" at home and so very happy and Beautiful I might add!