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Sunday, June 29, 2008

How Long has it been???? TOOOO LONG!

Okay, I have been bad....Very Bad!!! I am so sorry that I have not been a good bloggin' momma. So, I have a pic parade for us all...These photos are all over the board. It has been so so long since I posted I thought I would get you up to speed.
Bianca is phenomenal. I still look at her most days and wonder what I did to deserve a child like her!
She is all over the place. 19 and a half months! Man, time flies! She is learning everything so fast these days! Swimming is her current favorite pass time and I am blown away by how great a little swimmer she is!
Okay, enough yapping! Bring on the pics...and some of Bianca's best friends.

Below is a pic of Bianca welcoming home her best friend from Guatemala! Miss Malaena-Sloane Harris came home from Guatemala 2 months ago. Cheri is like a sister to me and we hope the girls will grow up the same way. We me them at the airport when Malaena came home from Guatemala. What an awesome day! We celebrate it even now!!!

Here is Bianca with the Seabaugh crew. Tracie has been one of my best friends since the 7th grade and here we are all of these years alter with our kids growing up together. We LOVE IT!

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