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Monday, May 19, 2008

Bianca's Last Mom's Day Out for the Summer!

This is Ms. Audrey and Ms. Dee who are both Bianca's Mom's Day Out teachers. Bianca LOVES these ladies...and so do I!!! I got a quick pic of her last day at school with them...Man, she is just growing so fast! She will have these ladies as here teachers again in the fall since she will still be ONE!!! How adorable!


Cheri said...

WOW!!! You are quite the blogging FOOL! I love all the updates and new pictures of one of my favorite girls on EARTH! "HOT STUFF" looks so mature in the picture! I'm not ready for our girls to grow up, but we don't have a choice! So glad you let me be a part of this precious child's life! Love, Aunt Cheri

Danni and Tommy said...

She is the most adorable being. I decided :)

Leah Reeves said...


Your daughter is a DOLL.

You left a comment on our blog "HOPE" asking about our agency, IAN. I work for them out of Texas. Email any questions you have.