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Thursday, July 17, 2008


Hi all. I just want to say THANK YOU on behalf of the Becking Family. I know I can speak on behalf of the Becking crew by saying a huge thank you for all of your prayers and support for Jason, Adelaide, & Jack. Though I know this time is so difficult for them, I have been amazed at how many people have read our blog and have committed to pray for them. God is big and I am thankful for people with big hearts who reach out in times of sadness.
To Jason, Adelaide, & Jack, I hope you check in on the blog. We LOVE YOU GUYS.
After spending a good deal of time in Columbia last week, I kick myself for not putting family first...ALWAYS. And Jason and Sarah seemed to be a good example of people who really did put family first.
Jason is just an awesome brother to Eric, and I know he really made Sarah proud over the weekend. What a tribute to an awesome woman....People showed up from all over the place to give some love to her family.
I am still not sure what to say about it, but know that your prayers were appreciated.

Soon, we will be posting some very uplifting news, so check in now and again. We are looking forward to sharing some good stuff with you guys soon!
Much Much Love- Chantelle, Eric & Bianca


Courtney said...

So sorry for the loss your family recently endured. I pray for you. Courtney

Kelly said...

Your family continues to be in my prayers.

Leah Reeves said...


I am so happy you started your Ethiopia adoption. You will be very happy with IAN. If you ever have any questions you can always email or call me. My info is on the IAN website under Texas office.