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Monday, August 4, 2008


Yes, it is true! We are adopting again! This time Bianca will become a big sis! We are adopting a baby girl from ETHIOPIA!!!!!! We are SOOOOO excited!
I know I have not posted since Sarah's death, and it has just been because I wanted to give her memory time on our blog. She will always live on in our hearts.
And now a new day for us, and a new chapter to our lives. We have begun the adoption process for Ethiopia. I have gone back and forth trying to decide if we should start a whole new blog in honor of little sis Ethiopia style....And it is a good idea, but now the part none of you blog lovers will want to read....NO PICS will be posted of her until it is official.
Ethiopia has strict rules about this...So as so many of you checked in on the many many trips to Guatemala, to see Bianca's latest photos, this will not be the case for little sis.
So sorry.
We will keep posting all new Bianca pics and major updates on our adoption process. Please join us as we move into a new place in life! We so appreciated all of your support while adopting Bianca and we are just as excited this time around! The process should be much faster and smoother than the Guatemalan adoption process.
We are paper pregnant!!!
We have never had a counter on the site to see how many people check in, but in honor of our new chapter in life I am going to add one.
Love and thanks to all of you who keep up with us, and we thank you in advance for your support!
Chantelle, Eric, & Bianca
Here are some new photos of the BIG sis to be! She is almost 21 months now!


Candy said...

SUPER DUPER EXCITED FOR YOU....I can't wait to watch your FAMILY GROW

Ella Marie Boutique said...

Oh my Goodness, I think Bianca grew while we were away! She is going to be the best sis ever. Praying for a speedy homecoming for little sweety pie from Ethiopia. We can't wait to see her and be a part of her life too. We love you guys!
Shari, Sarah and Ella Marie

Anonymous said...

I love the new name "BIG LOVE BLOG"!!! And, paper pregnant is a perfect description because it is sooo much of the same emotions/questions/experiences. I am excited to be more a part of this "pregnant" time than I was able to be with Bianca. Thank you for making this "Grammy's" world rock!!!!!! Feel the love.

Kelly said...

I am so excited to read this and I cannot wait to follow you in this new journey!!!

Anonymous said...

Well that is very exciting news. I would love to hear more about this adoption. We adopted our son about a year and half ago and would love to adopt a little girl and doesn't seem like guate is going to be an option!
Nancy (

Debbie said...

Congratulations! We have also started the process of adopting an infant girl from Ethiopia so Liliana will become a big sister as well. Can't wait to follow your new journey to daughter #2.

Cheri said...

Well, Aunt Cheri is excited! Surely hoping the morning sickness is easier and shorter this time around! Malae will love being able to teach our new little squirt her tricks! Luv!!!

Robyn said...

How exciting!! Congratulations!!


P.S. Gabriella has that same high chair. :)

McMurrays said...

WOW WHAT WONDERFUL NEWS!!!! Paper Pregnant what a perfect term:) So thrilled for your family. We will committ to praying and can't wait to follow along.
The McMurrays

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Two kiddos are def twice the fun. Can't wait until you find out for yourself! ;)

Ruthanne said...

YAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!! I'm pretty sure I'll be doing the same thing in the spring! I can't wait to follow your journey and see a picture of your sweet little girl.
Bianca is going to be a GREAT big sister!