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Sunday, November 9, 2008


Hi everyone! We are sooooo happy to announce the official launch of Room For One More. It has been a very long process to get to this point, but as of next Sunday, we are full steam ahead.
The idea for Room For One More started when a group of us (Shari Stroup, Shelly Nall & myself) starting some very long conversations. We are all adoptive moms and we all have such a heart for adoption. I remember countless conversations where we would all say some of the same things.
* I wish people could grasp the crazy huge blessing it is to be an adoptive parent
* What if every solid family/single woman/man in America chose to adopt ONE child?
* Why don't more people adopt?
* Why are there not more resources available to people interested in adoption?
* Why don't we do something about it?????????????
And the list goes on of course. I want to say, I realize not everyone is meant to adopt, though in my crazy mind I can't imagine why when I look at Bianca's little face...But I have had wise people tell me this so I trust it!
After many many of these conversations Room For One More was created...This is who we are:

A group of women drawn together by a passion for orphans. We are each adoptive moms and are committed to make a difference for orphans in the world. Room for One More is a place created to inform, counsel, educate, and help raise funding for families interested in adoption. We are passionate about this mission and eager and available to help those in need!
For those of you locally who follow the blog, we are having our first event Sunday Nov.16 at Cup-n-Cork in downtown Cape from 3-5pm. The month of November is Adoption Awareness Month, and in honor of this Room For One More is sponsoring an Adoption & Orphan Awareness Open House. There will be several adoptive families there available to talk to people about adoption. We will also have resources and information available for people interested in learning more about adoption. We welcome everyone to the event! We would love to see our friends and families show up to learn more and spread the word.
Here is the thing...I am here to help many ways, but one of them is through adoption...I have a huge heart for adoption and I am so excited beyond words to help people exploring adoption...And it can be confusing at times!
I believe there will come a day where adoption is very common and most families choose to adopt a child in addition to bio kids....It will not be a last resort, but a common choice. And I see people already moving toward this. God clearly calls us to look after orphans, no doubt about it. I love the idea of seeing people step up, and once they do realizing it is the biggest gift they could ever receive...
Hey, it is my blog, so I can have my own vision for how I see the world, right? ha ha

Room For One More website is being built currently (THANK YOU ELEMENT74) I will post it as soon as it is finished.
T-shirts available!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Much Love!


Leah Reeves said...

I just ordered the book, "It's Not Okay With Me," thank you for posting about it. I have this crazy thought that ALL the families that have and will adopt from Ethiopia join together under one huge effort, what we could do. I beleive that we all are led to adopt from Ethiopia to help more than the one, two or three children we will adopt. It is even bigger than the lives of our adopted children. I desperately want to start a Charity that involves all of us because I think we can also change the lives so many of the children left behind.

How to get started, I think the book is going to give me that clarity.

You are very inspiring to me, Thanks


Cheri said...

I love it when you get on your soapbox! We are behind you 100% and can't wait to see how God implements us in your mission. Love, Cher

The Andersons said...

I just love this! Maybe there needs to be a South Carolina branch someday? Keep us posted!
Kerry Anderson

Unknown said...

Chantelle, Love the logo, love the idea, love your hearts to help the orphans who need us to get involved and DO SOMETHING!

I will check out your site once it is up and working. Do you have pics of the t-shirts yet?

God bless,

Erin Moore said...

in the process of praying (and saving) for an Ethiopian adoption. The Lord has opened my heart to this cause. Just read "Red Letters" - it was an amazing call to action for all of us!

Please keep me in the loop of your RFOM movement!

Erin Moore said...
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