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Monday, December 8, 2008

3 Months today on the wait list for Little Miss Sunshine

Today is officially the 3 month mark we have been waiting for our referral of Little Miss Sunshine. I know with most agencies this seems like no time at all, but when we started the process there was no wait time with our agency....So I have been a little anxious lately as there has been NO movement in 3 months on the girl wait list. No pity parties here, as I know God has a plan. I just think a lot about our daughter in Ethiopia and it is like I already miss her although I do not yet know her.
This is an area I have always struggled with....LACK OF CONTROL over a situation. You would think I would learn after our long wait for Bianca, but alas, I am still as stubborn as before.
Actually most days are great, and I just feel so thankful for what God has given us.
Today when I was feeling bummed and looking at all of the other blogs I love, I came across some really sad news. A friend of a blogger friend of mine has suffered major tragedy.
A wonderful family was about to go pick up their little girl from Guatemala...literally almost through this long and crazy process, and they found out that she was killed tragically. Her name was Josi and she was 5 years old. Please pray for this loving family who are now going through what I am sure feels like the darkest of days. You can read their story on Carla's Blog and please send them some support & encouraging words in this time of sadness.
I cannot imagine...The long wait was almost over for them. They were anticipating the call that told them they could go and pick up their little girl. Instead they received such terrible news. God be with them. I cannot wrap my head around the sadness they must feel.

When I read their story I felt like any problem I have is nothing in comparison. You really just never know what people are having to go through in life.

We will continue to wait for God's perfect timing to bring Little Miss Sunshine into our lives.
Thanks to everyone who asks about her and looks for updates on our process. We are so happy to have people who love us and are interested in this journey we are taking. I am excited and thrilled that God would provide for us to bring home another baby.


Amber said...

I know what you mean. Waiting is hard. I pray you are referred the girl that God has hand picked for your family.

Susie said...

Waiting with you....God is doing a good work in you through this waiting. Susie