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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Well, ever since Bianca turned 2 and got her new Jeep, I can hardly keep her at home. She was off to STL in it on this day. Big sale at the Lucky Brand store, no doubt. ha ha It is hoot to watch her attempt to drive it. She is great at hitting the gas pedal...and not so great steering it!

She also loves a romp in the leaves...EVERY time we go toward the car...That is fun for the first 20 times...then momma gets a little tired of it~ but not Bianca!

Gettin' er done at the tree farm! Another COLD night! We were in and outta there in no time! Bianca seemed to love it!

This is PRE-Christmas parade last Sunday night...When we could all still feel our fingers and toes...Holy Crap it was a cold one. Bianca hung in there, much longer than I was hoping! I was ready to get the heck out of there!

Here is another great passer of time for hot stuff. She loves to "help" in the kitchen, but unfortunately for the refrigerator, Bianca has chosen it as her work out area...Think Flashdance! She hangs on to the bar on the pull out freezer door and does all kinds of dance moves, followed by repeated open and slamming of the door. She is a piece of work!

Yo yo yo, check me out momma!

I am just so thankful for Bianca's little personality. After some of the things I have been exposed to -going on in other people's lives, I feel overwhelmed with thankfulness. It is a good time to really take in our blessings. I know I need to get over my own personal pity party for the lack of referrals coming from our agency. They are great, and as many of you have reminded me...It is in God's perfect timing...Not mine. Thanks for the reality check.
Much Love


Cheri said...

Great pictures of ye whole family! Love seeing Bianca grow. Love.

Susie said...

That looks like a lunge to me! I so enjoyed the pics. It's cold here too and we have a foot of snow on the ground. Hugs, Susie

Robyn said...

What cute pics!! Bianca is a doll!!