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Saturday, July 11, 2009

More kiddo bliss!

Our best bud "Aunt" Cheri took some awesome images of the little Becking ladies. The new main photo is courtesy of her. She has blessed us in such a huge way by capturing some pics of the Becking girls in a way only a good close friend could. We love her and thank her for this! Check her and Sheri out if you are a local, at
They do awesome stuff and we love it!

On a life note: I know I have still not told our story, or at least the true account of Ethiopia. I am still processing it all. So so many emotions from the trip and as I get to know our Solie Koket more each day, I am blown away by the love this child puts out!
I have not had a lot of time to slow down and write an account of our trip...and maybe I have been avoiding it if I am totally honest. It was a place where we experienced one of the best days of our lives, and at the same time, it was a new crazy realization of what life could be like for me, had I been born in another place....and WHAT LIFE IS LIKE for millions of people who live without clean drinking water, where women struggle to be seen as equals, and the needs are difficult for us as Americans to begin to wrap our minds around.
In the same breath, it is a glorious place, where life is simple, people are beyond kind, and life is not taken for granted.
I am kind of just stuck right now, wondering how in the world I could ever give enough of my life back to make a real difference in the world...Specifically Africa.
Guessing this makes no sense, but it is where I am right now...
More to come another time!
Thanks for keeping up with us!


Unknown said...

I love your honestly (as usual!) What you said was totally how I felt about travelling some through Guatemala! To be born in the USA is truly an honor that unless you travel to see other places, you really never get that! I know I've said to you more than once how it upset me that Malaena-Sloan's birthmom couldn't even write her name. In a couple of years, Mae-Sloan will write her name and much more. We are so blessed! Your new picture is AMAZING! (Can I brag on it? It's truly the amazing subjects!!!)

Dara Kinder said...

That picture is stunning!

Elisa said...

I have been waiting to hear about your trip but can understand the need to process first. I too am processing and mine was just domestic. I had no idea how much it would impact me, and that it could hit me weeks, even months later. Realizing that even right here in America that life is so vastly different for others. I can only imagine what you are feeling.

And that picture of you three at the top- BREATHTAKING!

Someday I am just going to have to head your way so I can hang with you and Cheri!

Sarah said...

Love that picture of a momma's love of her two gorgeous babies! I look forward to hearing your story when you are able to digest the reality of our childrens' birthcountries and their journies into yours.

The Keffer Crew said...

I have bave been reading your blog for months now and have never posted a comment. I was on project in Panama City Beach with Eric in 1993. Fabulous catch for you! I remember he was so fun to hang out with and had a huge heart for the Lord.

I can't even remember how I found your blog, I think through some other project friends and facebook. Anyway, our hearts have been changed by Africa as well.

Nearly two years ago we hosted three orphans from Uganda and our hearts will never be the same. We attempted to adopt the oldest boy and were working through the chaperone who stayed with us, also from Uganda; only to have him use the money for personal gain and not for what it was intended. It was devasting for us.

I would be so grateful if you'd share some of how you decided to adopt from Ethiopia and the paths you and Eric took to get there. We have 4 children but I myself am adopted and have always felt that God would bring us a child that needed a home at some point and I can't seem to erase the thought that a child in Africa may be waiting for us, somewhere.

My personal email is I know you're incredibly busy but if you had some time, I'd love to chat some with you. Blessings to your newest addition. Your girls are precious! Please tell Eric hello.

The Keffer Crew said...

I forgot to tell you my name, yikes. It's Kim Swafford Keffer.

~Emily said...

I am totally jealous of that cool picture of you and the girls! Please tell me it was a professional shot and not your husband. I will be really jealous then!:-)

Amy Jo said...

Just found your blog. What a beautiful family you have. Praying sweet blesings upon each of you! - Amy in OR

Kristi J said...

Love the new pic...I still need to update mine...My new girly's b-day is November your girl close in age to mine?? They look about the same age...Yes, ET was amazing..I probably didn't put it into great words, but I think our video captured it best...kj

Unknown said...


Oh how I know what you are saying!

Have you seen our daughter's blog yet?

We are so beyond proud of her! God is doing awesome things in her heart right now!

You and your daughters are GORGEOUS!

Love the new photos and header!

My heart is in Africa! Waiting on God to show me when to go!

Love and blessings,