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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Whoop Whoop!!! The Outman family are back from Ethiopia with the twins! Solie's crib mates and future buds!!!! What a celebration
So thankful that God would bring these boys to the Outman family. We all liv eint he same town and have become good friends through church and our adoption journeys. Solie was in the same orphanage as the Outman twins and theie cribs were right across the room from each other...just a few steps. We praise God for this awesome blessing for the Outman family!
God is so good...In the big and little things. The details of life God works out in such unique ways!!
We also want to congratulate our friends Carrie and Clint on the arrival of little Teddy! Another God sized gift.
To looking at every detail of our lives as a major gift from such a huge and loving God!-

The welcoming crew at the STL airport! What a day to party!!!!

Michelle & Jaime and the fellas, Phisher & Phelix~ LOVE THESE BOYS!

The whole Outman family!!! Fresh off a MAJOR travel experience and up 2 boys added to the great Outman crew! Stop by their blog and congratulate them!

Just chillin'! We walk Bianca to school every day and this is what it typically looks like when I get back home with the Sol-meister! Racked out!

The two little Stinkers!

I am just wishing they would try and relax...They are so stressed here. hee hee

Solie is quickly learning how to make herself known....By good old fashion HAIR PULLIN'!

Bianca strikes again!

Check out the sweetness!!! This child has grown LIKE CRAZY!!!!!!


Kendell said...

Oh Chantelle! Those pictures of the girls are gorgeous! You are one blessed Mamma!!!


Trendy Mindy said...

Thanks for the text my friend...great to hear from you! Looks like you all are settling in just perfectly - call me next time you are in Nash - we can shop til we drop!! love m

Dara Kinder said...

BEAUTIFUL! That's all I can say!

The Andersons said...

These are amazing! She hardly looks like the same little girl you picked up a couple months ago!!! So bright eyed, so storing and packin' on the pounds. We're doing great but still sturggling a bit to get in to a routine - did it take you guys long to get her on a good routine?

Unknown said...

Love your new pics! We have to get pics of Bianca swimming!!!!

April D said...

i can't get over how beautiful solie is!!!! i had dinner last night at an ethiopian restaurant with some friends who adopted 2 girls from ethiopia and got so excited for our day.