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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bianca Turned THREE...and YES, She is a Big Deal!

I know it has been a month already and wow, how bad I have been at blogging. But, hey, life happens and if I don't feel it, I don't do it. Don't forget...if anyone is still reading-Eric is the one the the great discipline in our family!
Bianca turned three and it is totally hitting me now. So wild how much she has changed just in the past month or so.
Here is a little taste of our sassy little lady:
*She is funny..And I mean, really funny. She has me laughing all of the time. Just last week she told me that she would always like mommy because I don;t have a moustache....Well not for now at least I told her.
*She is freaked out by anyone with facial hair...Deal with it...Just one of her gigs these days.
*She has a hear the size of Texas. It blows my mind how much this kid loves. We have been doing some stuff to begin to teach the girls what life is like in other parts of the world, and when Bianca was in the tub this week, she asked if some kids didn't have bathtubs...When I told her no-Not all kids have bathtubs, she then asked me about if all kids have toys...Again I said no.
After thinking a second, she said, Mommy, I will share my toys with kids who don't have any. (Proud momma moment)Then she topped it of when she said, I don;t want any kids to feel sad.
Me too...
*She has a fiery little spirit, which I love MOST of the time! Wow, this kid is creative at getting her way and also very opinionated when she does not succeed at it!
* She is an awesome big sister. She loves Solie so much...It blows my mind how much she loves her and tries to mother her...She loves to help feed Solie and she plays so great with her. They are a total little team.
* She loves her dad...Big time. Followed by her Mimi, Papa, and Gigi-all equal of course. She loves Dora, Max & Ruby, nail polish, her new Handy Manny repair shop, her babies, church, suckers, gum, bubbles in the bath, and pretty much anything where we can pretend.
I could really not be more thankful for this child. God has blown our doors off in the blessing department and I am constantly brought to tears when I think about how different all of our lives could have been.
Bianca had an awesome birthday with our family and both sets of grandparents. It was such a great day. Below are some pics of the day together.

Happy B-Day Bianca!!!



Sarah said...

Happy Birthday beautiful Bianca! You are such a blessing!!

Amber said...

Love the new layout! Looks like a special birthday. Have a great birthday sweet Bianca!

Lund7 said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful little lady! The pictures are precious! I can't believe how big your little one is getting??!! Time flies...

Stop by my Etsy shop if you ever get a chance!

Unknown said...

Chanti - Way to share the love with everyone. You and Eric are incredible and what a lovely family!!!

michelle said...

Happy Birthday Bianca! You Beckings know how to celebrate, looks like F U N ! Merry Christmas friends, we love you all, so thankful for your friendship!

Unknown said...

What a wonderful Blessing! Happy belated b-day....

Robyn said...

Beautiful pics!!

Sophie said...

Your daughters are gorgeous!