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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year...In case anyone out there is still reading!

Much love for 2010! What will be on the horizon for the Beckstein family???? Oh, so much! I dropped the ball on Eric at lunch yesterday in mid conversation, how we would have a lot going on this year as I am sure we will start another adoption....HOLD THE PRESSES!!!! He kind of did a double take, but being his awesome self, pretty much played it cool. Did I mention he is a freakin' awesome dad and husband? Wow, I love that dude! I have been spending this whole holiday season taking in my blessings and I am so so overwhelmed by all of the good good stuff in my life! My whole family is just so great and we are so so thankful to have family who love us so big! The holidays were awesome! We just took it in big time as a family. We don't do a ton of gifts, though other people seem to give our kids tons of stuff. I have really been wanting to take on more as far as giving and have been torn between two great organizations we are involved with. On Christmas day Eric gave me this typed up letter that basically said we could totally go for it and take on a few kids in need or maybe even a family (Africa)and I am so excited, and also a little overwhelmed as there is so so much need in this world. Praying God will lead us to the right spot....which, duh? He always does! Side note: OKAY-I just reread this post and I know it sounds kind of too cheesy to be true...And I am not trying to act like my life is perfect, because I am far from that person, but I am just starting to realize more and more how unimportant alot of the "stuff" is that I have spent my time thinking/stressing about. I am always bummed to see awesome people with low self esteem or just not confident in who they already are. I don't want to get caught up in that....and man, if we could all realize what we HAVE...RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW...I am sure we would all live so differently.(ME INCLUDED!) Just awesome holidays in general and good family time. We went to a great New Year;s Eve party last night and just had a ball. There are some really really cool people in this town! And always fun to meet new people. Going to post some pics now!
Solie's First Christmas!

Bianca's Giggle Fest

Caution...Baby behind the wheel!

Solie & Dad

Happy New Year! I know the hat is cheesy, but it was only worn for a second....All you fashion guru's out there! To a GREAT 2010~~


The Andersons said...

I'm still reading - keep the updates coming!!!! Solie looks amazing!!!! Life looks awesome. And I think the thing is, as your perspective changes through adoption - the hard stuff in life just isn't a big deal anymore. You just deal and move one. That why life feels so rich - HIS joy is abundant!!!!

Cheering you on for your next adoption. Amazing.

Love to Solie from Grace!

Dara Kinder said...

Oh, I'd love to follow you along on another adoption journey! Maybe we'll be on the journey together this time!

Cheri said...

Chantelle....I consider myself one of your best friends and I check daily to see if you post! I love to read what you write!!! I also love your new signature! WOW! Your post was beautiful and I am totally not surprised with another just can't have a dull moment EVER! I'll be on the sidelines with Malaena-Sloan cheering another Becking home! Love, C

Pineapple Princess said...

Of course we're still reading!
How awesome about plans for adoption #3! I'm cheering you on. Three is so much fun!
Happy New Year to you and your wonderful family!! :)

Unknown said...

I won't stop reading....Sooooo excited to hear that you are going to take the plunge and adopt again....
You are a super star and it is so refreshing to hear your happiness shine through!

Carrie said...

It sounds like you and your family are moving in a beautiful direction in your life. Do you plan to go back to Ethiopia? Many blessings to you in the New Year!!!

Unknown said...

Chantelle - you are one GORGEOUS Momma! You and your husband are a beautiful couple from the inside out.

You know I'm cheering you on for another adoption! You will LOVE it!

I'm so excited to see what 2010 brings for your family!

Love and blessings!

the truman's said...

Ummmm Hello-Yes, still reading and man oh man, you know the Truman crew will be cheering you on no matter which direction He leads you! I am quite sad to be traveling back to ET without you this time! I love you like crazy and can't wait to see you in March!

Tiffany Jenkins said...

Chantelle, you and your family are such motivation. You and Eric are very special people. I always share with Michael all of the pics and awesome news you share. You have a beautiful family!
Tiffany and Michael Jenkins