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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Time Flies By! Happy VDay and so Much More!

And, YES, I did this to them...I know it is for a limited time before they have a major opinion, so I am going for it while it lasts.

Hi everybody! First, let me say a HUGE thanks to everyone who has responded to the Country Music Marathon challenge! We are so so pumped! To get the best up to date info on the race please join the Room For One More group on Facebook. My friend Shari Stroup manages it and we are going To be putting new info on it as the race gets closer. So, for those of you totally in this, go ahead and register via the Country Music Marathon website....Then email or facebook us so we can get an exact count and be able to send out group emails to keep everyone up to date. At this point if you are planning to run, you should be training...And I mean, RUNNING at least 2-3 times a week. It is amazing how it can transform your mind and body in such a short time!
Since my last post so much has happened! I have been up to my ears in the planning process for the Celebrate Hope event happening here on Feb. 27th. It is going to be such a rockin' event! I can hardly believe all that has come together to make this happen! To learn more about it go to Buy your tickets now while they are still available online. We are helping to raise 100k for Heart For Africa to build a new orphanage and it is going to happen!!!! The businesses and people in our town have really blown my mind. I am so thankful to live in this town!

On another note, Solie has turned 1 since I last posted! We have had camera problems so I did not get any great pics that day. This kid is so amazing! She has a major head of hair these days and is getting a mouth full of teeth. She is using basic sign language for stuff and truly I think might be the happiest little lady alive. We are in love with Miss Solie Koket, living up to her nickname every day as Little Miss Sunshine!

I am not organized as many of you already know, so I have kind of been consumed with a few things happening in life for the past month. And with the Heart for Africa event in just 2 weeks, I will likely continue to be distracted until that is over. Please know however, we are full steam ahead with the marathon and we would LOVE for you to join us! The initial t-shirt design is posted on the Room For One More group in Facebook so you can vote on your favorite.

For now check out these adorable Becking Valentines!


michelle said...

Just the cutest Valentine Princess Cupids I have ever seen!

Sophie said...

Your girls are little stunners just gorgeous. I have a little girl from Guatemala as well. Have a blessed day

Cheri said...

crack me up! that was a lot of effort and so glad you did it! made me laugh! m-s will be jealous when she sees these outfits!

Anonymous said...
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Sophie said...

By the way I love how you dress your girls, I must come shopping with you sometime!