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Friday, March 5, 2010


Wow, where to begin! Saturday night....I am still recovering from it!!! What a mind blowing night for God! We had our first Event in Cape to help Heart For Africa....Long story short...One of my best buds came home from Africa last summer and felt God leading her to raise $100,000 to build a new orphanage in Swaziland for Heart For Africa. When she told me this, I thought, OKAY, this could take a while, but LET"S GET AFTER IT!
One small gathering around her kitchen table grew to a second meeting at a local business in town and soon more than 25 people were attending these brainstorming, event planning meetings. God had a plan for this small town America and what HE did is still almost too big to believe.
Celebrate Hope Cape became our fundraising event...God got ahold of hearts of business owners all over our town and soon we had thousands of dollars in sponsors. We rented the coolest place in town, God kept giving BIG, and so did the people of our town, and 4 months later Celebrate Hope Cape was a reality. It was our lives really for those four months...We lived and breathed this event and what God was doing in the hearts and minds in some cases of the most unsuspecting people...
We had originally really hoped to have 250 people attend....And Saturday night we had 558 people come together to make a difference for children 10,000 miles away!!!!
We had the most unbelievable night...Most of it a blur to me really as it was so so oversold....But when the event was over, we not only met the initial goal...
GOD RAISED A TOTAL OF $120,000 for Heart For Africa!
God is CRAZY HUGE!!!!!
Just still cannot process what has happened. Janine Maxwell, the VP for Heart For Africa spoke at the event and she announced that the children's home will house infants to two year old children. These will be babies left in pit latrines, found on the side of the road, and left to be found in hospitals. These children will be raised with their own Swazi cultures and tradition, and will know God very early in life. It is phenomenal!
I will say it again...I LOVE THIS TOWN! God is doing crazy wild stuff here and I am hanging on for the ride.
Take in this huge gift God has given us and the chance to just be a part of it has been unreal!


April D said...

This is amazing! I'm sure God is so pleased. I can only imagine those babies in their new home!!! Love it. Love seeing your influence and involvement in Africa on so many levels. :)

Sophie said...

When God does something He sure does it in a big way! How inspiring that so many people came together to do such a wonderful thing and give so many little one's hope. Love it!