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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


If you are a follower of our blog, you know that our non-prof. organization-Room For One More is running for a cause...A MAJOR cause!
On April 24 a large group of us will RUN FOR ONE raise awareness of the orphan crisis in the world and to raise funds for an adoption grant for an adoptive family. We have been blown away by all of the wonderful families we have met since creating Room For One More. So many families want to adopt, but need financial assistance. One area RFOM wants to give back-is to families in this situation. So, as we run, sponsors are being asked to donate to the cause and also we would LOVE to see people buy our t-shirts. We have lots of great options on our website at and also we have a shirt created for the race that is really awesome also.
Check it out below. You can order any of these shirts online and ALL of the proceeds of the run t-shirt will go to an adoption grant for a family in need.
There are so many ways to get involved in saving the life of a child and so little can do so much!
There is still time to register to run the half marathon with us, and if not- local Nashville peeps, we would love to see you at the finish lines! Buy a t-shirt and let's come together for this awesome cause.
I have read some amazing stories lately of the great sacrifices and stories of major faith in action with adoptive families and I am happy to stand for one of these families to give them some much needed support to bring their children home!
We will post the total raised after the race. In the meantime...get involved!!!! We need your help!


Anonymous said...
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Dr. Becking said...

Looking forward to our big race together. I love the new picture of our family. It truly captures the heart and soul of the Becks. Love you guys. Thanks Cheri. You truly are gifted.

Anonymous said...
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