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Friday, July 30, 2010

Wise and Honest Friends...

A quick Big Love shout out to Simply Stated for the new shots of the girlies! I know I have been bad about posting photos, but more to come very soon!

I have been amazed by the emails I have received by some of you who read my last post. So, Yes, I am a freak for putting my thoughts out there so naked and unedited!And thank you to those of you who have embraced my inner freak show!
I am actually in a good place. A place I need to live in a higher percentage of my life. UNCOMFORTABLE!!!
I want to post something a wise and deeply loved friend of mine sent me that she wrote during a time of major GOD sized life change for her and her family. It moved me, to the core. So, thank you Jeanne. You are loved. And I know your words will speak to others who read this.
I know so many of you emailed or commented about being in a similar place right now, so let this give you hope and a new focus, and BE READY....Because CHANGE IS GONNA COME!

Courage will always require an element of leaving. Leaving is just plain
hard. When My 3 year old knows I’m about to leave he will often squeeze as
hard as he can around my neck to lovingly manipulate me into staying one
more minute.

I know how he feels – because leaving comfort for courage makes me want to
wrap my arms around every ounce of safety in my life – hoping if I hold on
tight enough that I won’t have to taste the pain of the leaving what I know
is inevitable.

Leaving comfort and safety looks and sounds alluring and attractive - but
the attraction fades quickly – in fact I have never felt so vulnerable,
small, and needy…. words that are not known for their alluring appeal.

Moving from comfort to courage will…
cause you to question your decision.
It will cause you to look around for the safety bars, seatbelt, and any kind
of security button.

Moving from comfort to courage will…
cause you to try to make something happen… scheme, make phone calls, send
out hail mary e-mails– anything to distract from sitting in the fear.

Moving from comfort to courage will…
cause you to doubt your abilities – you will look at everything that you
have failed at in the past… failed relationships, failed financial
decisions, failed leadership calls, - and you will wonder will you repeat
those patterns and are they indicators to go out and look for comfort again.

Moving from comfort to courage will…
cause you to doubt the author of the calling on your life. Thinking that God
is too busy to take care of your little fear

Moving from comfort to courage will…
cause you to be jealous of your neighbors who seem to be perfectly content
with their lives – you will wonder if you are some sort of crazy person that
has a unhealthy propensity to live on the edge.

Moving from comfort to courage will…
cause you to look for the easy way out.

Moving from comfort to courage will…
cause you to pray like never before… wonder if you know any scripture to
cast out the inner demon of doubt.

Moving from comfort to courage will…
cause you to white knuckle yourself around anything that feels secure and
semi safe – even though you know earthly security and safety is a mirage and
the place where Jesus is, is most where you want to be.

Moving from comfort to courage will…
Cause you to feel weak in the knees – a good indicator that you should stop
standing up and get ON your knees..

Moving from comfort to courage will…
Cause others to question you… especially those that have found security to
be a bedrock to build their lives on. You will be misunderstood, questioned,
and perhaps even seen as foolish.

So today God I feel every one of these fears. I am terrified… straight up
terrified. I am calling out to you to be a voice of truth and freedom. Tell
me to settle down, to trust you and to release every one of these fears into
your arms of faith. I know it is impossible to invite others into a life of
obedience if I am unable to live it myself – so today I am re-upping my
commitment to obey and be faithful.

Thanks again Jeanne-


April D said...

She's a great woman! Grateful for both of you in my life. :) You both inspire and push me to be uncomfortable for the sake of the Kingdom!!

Chantelle said...

I am grateful for you too woman! Can't wait to celebrate your good news. Every day is a day closer to the day that changes the rest of your life forever! AWESOME!
Love you