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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer Fun with Little Peeps we Love

At long last! Momma found the camera cord! So here a just a few pics of our summer!

Okay, you really have no idea how long it took to get this quality photo! The girls hanging with some of their favorite dudes at Aunt Candy and Uncle Mark's house. We had a ball with them.

You might wonder if Bianca is wearing makeup here...Why yes, yes, she is...Thanks to Auntie Candy...Bianca went downstairs to hang with her while I was getting ready, then the next thing I knew there was this tiny grown up at my feet claiming to be my kid! Just hurt me to see her like this...sob, sob! Lookin way too grown up!

Bianca's first BIG EVENT! Mae Mae invited Bianca to go see Dora at the Show-Me Center. This was their big day! What a hoot! They were pumped!

I hope everyone who reads my blog had an awesome summer with the people you love. Life is short, so always GO BIG! Take in the sunshine, roll your window down and soak in the pure bliss of summer!


Sophie said...

Life is short and so is summer. I'm so bummed my kids are going back to school, at least the weather is still warm, glad your enjoying your summer and your girls are gorgeous!

Elisa said...

Love your pics- I am always happy when I see a new post. :)