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Friday, December 17, 2010

Be Merry and Bright!

Wow, I am on a real role here! Have so missed blogging but life has taken on some BIG changes for the Becking crew! First, let me say to the three readers still following us....MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Second, GOD IS HUGE!
I know I have said that many times before, but at a whole new level I have seen God work in our family's lives over the past 4-6 months. I don't think I ever try to give the impression that my life is perfect! ha ha Anyone who knows me at all knows that! Like any family, husband and wife, partnership, team- there are always issues that without being dealt with-can take you out...Like completely out. I am guilty...of not dealing with my junk. Anyone know where I am coming from here?
Well, God has had another plan in mind for me....So over the past 4-6 months, we have been slowly, surely, fearfully facing tough stuff in life...
Sometimes simple choices I have made as a mom, a wife, a friend...Has been to NOT face me stuff.
God's plan- like I said, was different for me...He had a plan to force me into a new place. God brought some new people into our lives as a family...I think honestly, people I had been praying for without knowing it for years.
It has been awesome, scary, miserable, REAL, and pretty much every other emotion available at times!
But, here we are in a new place, yet again watching God carry us through!
So much has happened since I last God has done some crazy awesome things-not without some pain.

Bianca turned FOUR! She is truly just unbelievable. She blows my mind with some of the stuff she says.
She prays at dinner and not too long ago...totally out of the blue, and at a pivotal moment for me...She started her little prayer and said this...."God, thank you for THIS LIFE."
Ughhh. hit me like a ton of bricks. This LIFE...This one...The life we get to live RIGHT NOW...AS IS....without all of the changes we are moving toward...Even in the middle of the funk.

Wow, she teaches me stuff every day.

Then there is Solie....The little rocker. That kid has a glow about her that rocks my world. She is happy happy joy joy...Unless you cross her...So, just don't...It's not worth it! A determined blissful little girl with a huge heart for love- That is Sol in a nutshell. I cannot believe how quickly time has passed since she has been home.

I have started to work again! I know-Can you believe it? We have had an awesome mentor come into our lives and over time we decided to start a company together. It is very exciting and just so right in general. I will post more about it at some point. So, I am working a few days a week while the little crew goes to their little kid school. I have missed using my business mind, and slowly but surely I am getting back in the swing of things! What an awesome thing that is happening.

Eric and I have committed to really work on making a better life for our family. This includes dealing with our "baggage" in life. And while it has been a tough road....and we continue on it- I am thankful God brought us to this place. The NEXT 14 years of marriage will be even better. We are learning to better communicate and to just be better for ourselves and each other. It is freeing! I am not going into any more details here because this is our story and we want to keep it that way. But we are happy to have each other and thankful God has given us THIS LIFE.

I have been a part of a new and kinda life changing small group...We just completed the book Radical by David Platt....And wow, have I been knocked out by it. I am ready to get back to travel this year, and waiting to see where God takes me.

Awesome, Awesome stuff happening through our church. Last weekend over 2000 volunteers helped pack over 500,000 meals for Feed My Starving Children....AND NO THAT IS NOT A TYPO---500,0000 meals for people in desperate need.
If you live in our small town and do not have a church that blows your mind...YOU NEED LaCROIX! Please come and be a part of what God is doing there. I have never had such a deep love for a church in my life and so thankful God put us there!

On the missions thing...I have not totally understood it, but God had plans for me to be grounded for the last couple of years. I have so so missed being able to go to Africa and really soak in my passion. Lately, I feel a bit of a release from that. And I am open and ready to see where God leads me. Also, on the same note, I have other passions in life that I have realized or should I say re-ignited and am LOVING it!

I have good people in my life....Like really good people. Man, I do. Unlikely friends from all walks of life...It feels right. How great it is to have peeps you can totally count on and love. You know who you are...BIG BIG LOVE to you guys.

Pretty humbled over the past months as I realize God is really ALWAYS here for me and He shows up in many many different forms and faces.
I am going to post a few more things on the book Radical also...If you have not read it and you are ready to step out there...way out there-GO FOR IT!

Happy-deeply happy to see so many people in our lives choosing adoption. Friends are bringing home their kids, getting referrals, making the decision to move forward on their dreams! Wow, you have no idea what is in store-happy for you.

Okay, and of course what you are all waiting for...Pics of the girls!!!! (Thank you Cheri for shooting our fam for the holidays. Love you_)

HALLOWEEN! Bianca the winning costume extraordinaire! LEMONADE STAND!!! All her idea! Solie the little Rocker!


Sophie said...

Love the pictures of the girls they are darling!!
Sounds like good stuff is happening in your life!

michelle said...

B I G L O V E right back at ya sister. So happy for all the LOVe He is showing you guys. Beckings Rock! Keep your compass pointed TRUE NORTH and your good. Love you all!