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Saturday, December 1, 2007

It has been too long I know

All is well and we are loving being parents. Bianca is learning new stuff everyday. Let me first say thank you once again for all of you that are still sending support, love and prayers out to our family. We can't believe how much support and love we have coming our way these days. Bianca has brought so much joy to us and to others. She is amazing and we both can't get enough of her. Chantelle has really been working with her and she is learning new things. She is also getting a little attitude. When we go into Targer she likes to squeal at the top of her lungs like a bird squawking to let others know she is there. It's funny, but very loud. Chantelle has taught her how to say more in sign language. She blows kisses now. When you tell her to give someone love she will lay her head down on your chest. She is getting really close to walking. She cruises around our leather ottoman like a trackstar. She does laps and nothing can stop her. We love our little girl. We will get some pictures up soon, but Chantelle is better at that than me. We do thank all of you who have commented on the blog to let us know you keep up with us. It's nice to know the impact our little one has had on people. To make a comment you can click on the word comment at the bottom of this entry and it will let you write to us. We know this is such a God thing and we just stand back and watch the miracles in our life. Life is good.


Cheri said...

Eric, Chantelle and Bianca....I have LOVED being involved in Bianca's adjustment phase! She is an angel and I look forward to seeing Bianca to see everything NEW she is doing. Chantelle, you just beam which touches my heart. I'm so thankful that your hearts are open in doing God's favor on your lives! Love, Cheri

Darcy said...

I love hearing about how Bianca is adjusting. We pray for her transition and your family. We just got the pgn out call last wednesday that Lucia is OUT! We can't wait to go pick her up. This adoption journey is such a leap of Faith. I hope our little Lucia adjusts as well as Bianca has.
Darcy McMurray