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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Bad, Bad Blog Momma!!!

I know it has been forever since I logged in!!!! Yikes! Life is rockin' for the Becking family and I am telling you, we are loving life. God is doing some really cool stuff in our family. We have been totally enjoying Bianca in a major way! And we are loving the holiday season. It seems like every day Bianca does something new. What a cool age. She is just about to let go of the couch and walk on her own and has been trying to get a few steps in while we are not looking. She is crawling around so fast we call her the speeding bullet. I love it that she is home for Christmas this year. I am not taking anything for granted with her after the LONG wait to bring her home. It has been so much fun for her to begin to get to know everyone and she is quite the entertainer. She simply MUST wave at every single person we see. Even while driving I look over and she is waving at the guy next to us at the stop light. She is blowing kisses, clapping on command and on beat I might add. She loves to scream with sheer delight (or at least that is what I am going to call it).
Her hair is growing so fast it is hard to believe but the back is so curly you would never know how long it is unless you see it wet. She stand along the TV and bounces up and down so fast that we roll in the floor laughing at her "dance moves". Any time we laugh at ANYTHING, she shows us much more. She is totally in to giving love to everything also. This child will be a lover, not a fighter I am guessing! I am also loving to watch Eric being a dad. What a great life Bianca will have with her daddy....He is so eager to teach her to ride a motorcyle....Patience my man, let's get her walking first, then we buy the little Honda 50 motorcycle...and I am sure that is the tip of the iceberg! He is a sucker for her already!
Okay a lot of baby talk! I am adjusting really well to momhood and I am already planning our next addition...I will leave you all hanging on that one for a while. I do have my moments when I wonder what day it is, but then I get back on track and just take it all in. I am really digging deep to make sure I am following my passions and to balance that with being a mom, wife, and friend.
I am going to post a bunch of photos so everyone can get caught up with the hot stuff. Much love to you all! Chantelle

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Robyn said...

What beautiful pics!! Bianca is a doll!!


P.S. Gabriella had the same highchair that Bianca has. :)