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Monday, December 10, 2007

Ho! Ho! Ho! .....OH NO!!!!!

So, as you might have sorted out already....we made it to see Santa...Went over really great as you can tell by the quality photo! Actually, I thought it was both hilarious and appropriate that we should have a photo of our daughter screaming in Santa's face this year. I did not have the heart to make her sit in his lap...Thought it might traumatize her for life! She made it through however, only wish I did not look so happy while she is screaming...I promise, I am not a bad parent! What a hoot....Who comes up with that stuff...When we think, okay, let's go to the mall, sit our kid down in a total stranger's lap while he is dressed in disguise, and beg them to look pleased, while in the mean time we pay out the nose for a photo I could have taken as a small child! Hmm....Something to ponder.
With the holiday season in full swing we are loving every minute of it! It has been so much fun having Bianca home for Christmas this year. I remember last year at this time and even Thanksgiving, we pretty much spent both holidays in the airport on our way to see the little lady. I am happy that this year, she is home, (still hard to believe at times) she is happy, and adjusting remarkably well.
She is taking a few steps alone now for those of you who love to know that kind of stuff. She stands alone really well- unless she realizes what is happening and then she drops to her bum immediately....Of course I think it is all great, brilliant, superstar kind of stuff- but I try not to get caught up in what age she reaches all of the milestones....I think people can get to competitive with that stuff, and I am just so pumped she is home, that it is really all I can focus on!
Much love to you all, and tonight especially to those of you who have followed our blog that have either adopted, or are in the process. You have been such great support to us. Our prayers are with those of you still in process. Our best friend is in it right now and I feel like I am re-living part of it with her. God Bless you guys, and keep your chin up....remembering that- This too shall pass.


Debbie said...

I've been following your blog for months and love reading your updates, especially since bringing Bianca home. You are so obviously happy and it shows.

Have a wonderful Holiday season!

Ruthanne said...

It is a weird tradition isn't it?? Putting our babies on a stranger's lap and then teaching them not to talk to strangers. lol
Bianca is beautiful even when she screaming at Santa. It's so good to see her home with you guys.

Jackie R. said...

First - I just love you guys - you are all 3 so beautiful!

Second - Mark and I are planning to start an adoption process this month - eeeeek (excited and scared). Anyhow, we are going through Colorado foster care system and this ministry:

Anyhow... you guys are wonderful and I love following your journey and I am SO glad that I shared that year of life with you so long ago!