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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!!!!
Man, you would not believe what it took to get some STILL photos of this little lady!
She does not seem to care much about Valentine's Day this year, so we are off the hook. She was content to go and look at all of the stuffed animals at Target yesterday...I know it is just a matter of time before all of that changes and she wants to bring home all of the stuffed animals!
The ice is slowly melting here, but still no power at the office. We are PRAYING that changes soon so we can get back to business!
Everyone here is happy and healthy otherwise, so I will not complain! Health is something we so easily take for granted. It only takes one quick look at someone else's life to see how good our lives are. We are thankful for that...and for all of you guys. Thanks for checking the blog. Much Love-Chantelle


Cheri said...

Our girl is something!!! We miss her so tell her that we love her and show her a picture of us so she doesn't forget what we look like since we haven't seen her ALL week!!!! Can't wait 'til she can show Malaena "how to" do it ALL! love, the Harris gang!

Darcy said...

I love checking in and am so excited to see new pics of Bianca. Love the outfit!
Darcy McMurray

Stroup Family said...

Bianca is growing up! She looks so cute in her little tutu! I hope Ella is as cute as her!
the VonStroups :-)

Stroup Family said...

Bianca's tutu is adorable!Can't wait until Ella comes home!
the VonStroups