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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ice, Ice Baby!

Hi everyone! Well, to all of you who do not live the the good old midwest...enjoy! We on the other hand have been iced in for a few days...Okay, I am not going to complain...SO many people are without power and all that goes with it! Sorry to each of you who have been chillin'....literally.
Eric has had to have the office closed for the past 2 days as there is no electricity still in Jackson...It has been really wild.
I of course am in full cabin fever mode every day by noon, so I have been really utilizing the old Land Rover to do what it is meant to do. We have been having fun. I did a mini photo shoot of Bianca today for a Valentine post, which I will add soon. Man, she is tough to get a photo of these days. She is totally on the move!-Big time and ALL of the time. I just cannot believe how much she is changing and so fast!
I know I almost always post on Bianca and I know that is what most of you are here for, but to keep you up to date on my is good. I have been speaking more and more in and around our town on the crisis in Africa. After my last trip, I made a documentary and I am finally really starting to educate the local community on what is happening there. I am so passionate about Africa. My experiences there have changed my life and I am eager to continue to try and make a difference there.
I am also eagerly awaiting the call from one of my best friends who is about to give birth to their 3rd child! I am going to be her birth coach....Funny huh? Yep, this peace loving mama is up for the challenge...And NO I have no experience other than all of the birthing books I have been reading...And let me just say to all of you moms who have given birth...Nicely done! Holy crap...women are not appreciated enough for going through all of that! Wow!
Well, that is enough for now...My free time is limited and I also share an addiction to ebay, so I must get going.
Thanks to all of you who have been such a great part of our lives. There is no doubt that Bianca feels ALL of the love. -Much Love-Chantelle

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