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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Good Times-Just Being a Kid

I took this photo of Bianca and her cousin Fisher over the Mother's Day weekend. This captures the care free spirit of a child...I want that! I mean, I guess I live like that for the most part, but for me, as an adult-it sometimes has to be very intentional. I learn a lot from this little child.
This was really my first true Mom's Day. I LOVE being a mom! It has just been such a wild ride already. I have moments of such great pride for my kid, hints of sadness as I see her grow so quickly, & mind blowing grateful days where I am in full realization how blessed my life is because God gifted me with this life.
I am starting to see how much my mom loves me, as I love my own daughter more and more every day. And just imagine how much God loves us....crazy!
As for our day to day lives, we have some fun stuff coming up. Eric's mom, Momma B, will be moving here soon from STL! We are too excited! Bianca will get to have both sides of grandparents so close now. How cool.
We are going as a family to Florida in the next few weeks. Eric is doing some training and Bianca and I are heading to the beach. It will be her first beach experience-can't wait. Sorry it is not to California however-I am very partial to sunny SoCal. We still love to get back to visit, and it has been a while since our last trip.-This will also be our first flight with Bianca since she has become a "runner"..That kid is fast! I am sure we will be a sight lugging all of her stuff through the airport. Anyone who knows Beck (Eric) also knows how perfectly meticulous he completes most any project, and packing is one of them. He prides himself in never checking baggage at the airport, and while his habits have still not rubbed off on me- even more so it will be now when we have to pack the mother load of stuff to deal with all of the needs for such a tiny person!
And as most of you locals know, we have been part of an awesome project a few small groups started at our church to tear down and rebuild a local Pastor's house....It is almost finished. The project is called The House God Built, and it has certainly lived up to it's name. Check it out if you have the time on the blog
That's all for now! I am getting back into the swing of this! Much Love-Chantelle


McMurrays said...

Love the picture. Bianca looks so big!

Cheri said...

The picture is awesome, but not as great as that sweet child! Give her a smooch from Aunt Cheri!