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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A New Day!

Okay, I am officially AWFUL at updating the blog!!!! Man, what a load! So sorry for those of you who still check in regularly.(That means you Momma B!)
I am finding that God continually has us on this crazy roller coaster in life. Guess that is a good thing...Never a dull moment! We are blessed! I look at Bianca every day and I am blown away by the goodness of God.
Above are a few "important" photos! Bianca and her dad with her first attempt at growing tulips...And they turned out quite nice. We will pass on the green thumb to our kids in memory & honor of the fabulous and one of a kind Grammy Tucker. What a great woman she was!
The second photo is of Bianca and her cousins Fisher & Klein. They LOVE this little lady and she LOVES them! We just spent the weekend all at my mom's and Bianca enjoyed every second being the "baby"!
More photos to post!


Anonymous said...

seriously?!?! i love that first photo. she's all "i KNOW i'm adorable mom, but check out what's happening over THERE!"

super cute. she's getting so big, too!

Unknown said...

"Momma B" loves the name!!!! AND, yes, the habit of checking this is toooooo strong!!! I LOVE reading about the little one and her amazing family. Every pictures is more adorable than the last!!!!