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Thursday, September 4, 2008

WE HAVE AN UPDATE PEEPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am soo pumped and beyond excited to announce that our dossier is submitted and we are OFFICIALLY on the wait list for a referral!!!!!!!! Holy schnikeys I am too happy about this news! Since we are using a smaller agency (IAN) for anyone interested, there is not a long wait list. We are either #4 or #5 on the wait list for a baby girl 0-12 months!!!!!! Watch out...Baby on the way...But I can still enjoy cocktails along the way!
Do I have any idea how long the wait will be before we will see a picture of our future baby?...NOPE, no clue. I am estimating (and I did say I) 3 referrals this months, so I say October we will know who our daughter will be and I am fully focused on January for her to come home! I love it!
I have been talking to so many of you lately that feel God is leading you to Ethiopia and I have to say I believe God is doing something so much bigger than we can see.
Wow, just thinking we will get to see our daughter's photos soon makes me so emotional and happy, freaked, and anxious! I know Bianca will make a great big sis, and I have a flood of thoughts when I think of introducing Bianca to her new little sis. Bianca is front and center on all fronts of attention these days, so I have been praying for a smooth transition.
For now we are going to choose, "Little Miss Sunshine" for new baby girl's temporary blog name...So as you read in the future and see LMS you will know who it is!!!

I am so glad we chose the agency we did. I have been in contact with Leah Reeves and she is great! Check out her blog here. She has a daughter from Ethiopia and now works for IAN. It is a great smaller agency so they do not have as long a wait list as some of the other great larger agencies.

We will keep you posted!!!!


Cheri said...

Can't wait to meet LMS!!! What exciting news!!! Cheri

Trendy Mindy said...

way to go my friend!! You are on the ball - I hope you get a referral real soon!! Mindy

Debbie said...

Wow! Things are moving very quickly for you. How exciting!

Amber said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Leah Reeves is a friend of mine. She is so great! I look forward to following your journey. I will add oyu to my blog list. You will probably get a referral quick with a small agency. I can't wait to hear all about it.