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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Hi everyone!
Just in case you are a local and not on my LARGE email list, I want to make sure we ask everyone for donations for our upcoming trip to Atlanta this weekend! '
We are involved with an awesome organization called Heart For Africa. They are based in Atlanta and we are headed there this weekend with some new great friends of ours,Jeremy & Raelenna Ferguson
to an event for Heart for Africa.
In deciding to make this HELLLACIOUS drive, we also jokingly said to each other how cool it would be if we could get enough donations that we would have to pull a U-Haul down....Fast forward a few weeks, and guess who just booked a U-Haul!
Heart for Africa is sending a container shipment to Africa in April and they are taking donations for GREATLY needed items for orphanages there.
We have been emailing, terrorizing, and harassing (In love of course) our local community and they have really stepped up!
So we will pull our of this small town Missouri, early Saturday LOADED with AWESOME STUFF!!!
The local orphanage that will get a large portion of the goods is located in Swaziland. This is an orphanage that Heart for Africa has come along side to help. Their situation is dire and the needs are tremendous.
If you are local to us or are a local Atlanta peep, here is what the needs are for the container shipment:
High Chairs
Pack & Plays
Bouncy Seats
Rocking Chairs
Small Book Shelves
Disposable Diapers
Underwear 2t and up

Bottom Line-All babies need love and attention....We can help. The babies/children at this orphanage have no beds/high where to sleep, but the floor. Here is a great chance to make a difference with stuff that is collecting dust for many of us.
Check out Heart for Africa's-Janine Maxwell and read her life changing book- It's Not Okay With Me
God is good! Will update as we know more!


michelle said...

cannot wait to hear all about your weekend in Atlanta for Heart for Africa. You are one rockin' advocate for african orphans! I bet your picture is on God's refrigerator!

Unknown said...

Chantelle, it was great meeting you and Eric this weekend. Thanks for making the drive down to the ATL. I will be digging in to the uHaul tomorrow to move it into the container. What a great blessing. Thanks for listening to God's voice and acting.