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Thursday, February 26, 2009

2 Weeks Ago Today

I have been so so happy about the baby, I have been at a loss for words to post. I hate to add a post since we got the best news ever 2 weeks ago today.
For anyone living under a rock, we got our referral of an amazing baby girl 2 weeks ago! She is unbelievable! When we got the first photos, I was of course excited, but I could not really tell much about her in the pics...I mean she seemed healthy, but the photos were not the best quality, so I was just excited to have a new daughter.
Then, one of the awesome families at IAN went to get their beautiful daughter (just 2 days after we saw the baby's pics for the first time) and they took a few pics of the baby for us while they were there. Check out their blog to see their adorable Hope. I cannot express how much this did for me...For our whole family. It was such an amazing gift to get those photos. Thank you Griffith family!
So many of you are asking what is next...We wait! For a court date..Should know what that date will be over the next few weeks. I will keep you posted!
I soooo wish I could show the pics to you..but Ethiopian policy prohibits it, until we are officially her parents and we get her home.
I will tell you she is just totally AMAZING!!! (I know I use that word too much!)
She has the best lips and big dark eyes, like Bianca.
Bianca is really coming on board with the idea of having a little sis. She is becoming a big girl, which is great and kind of sad to see! She will be such an awesome big sis!
Here are some pics of the proud big sis!

Bianca and her buddy Ty..These kids will grow up together hanging out!

Bianca had a big day at school when they had the Valentine's Day party!

Bianca and her daddy...Lovin' life!

Check out the Ed Hardy digs her Mimi bought for her....Ooohhh if I could just stretch stretch stretch it out...Momma would love this outfit!

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Amber said...

I must be living under a rock, wow, congrats. Sooo exciting!