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Monday, February 9, 2009

The Mother Load Post...

So, I had an AWESOME birthday last week! I was so hoping to get our referral on my b-day, and although it did not happen I was happy to take in the day with the people I love. Most importantly, Eric & Bianca. I do not post a lot about Eric for some reason. I am not sure why....He & Bianca are the most unbelievable gifts in my life. He has been my best friend for so many years now and I could not imagine any part of my life without him. By far, he is the person who has encouraged me to go for my dreams. For so many years, he believed in me, and as we kind of grew up together I learned that it was okay to think outside of the box. It is because God put him in my life that I get to live so free to be completely just who I am. So, thank you Beck. I love you.

He spoiled me big time on my b-day this year and we had a great evening out with my 2 best friends and their hubbies.

35 Feels great! I am loving the thirties so far. I would NEVER want to go back to the twenties, or especially the teen years....If I knew then what I know now! No regrets really, though I have done and said some really lame things in my life, it is all a learning experience!

Also so so so excited to post about our trip to Atlanta this past weekend! GOD IS HUGE!!!!! And those words do no justice to the reality of what took place there. We challenged our friends, neighbors, church peeps, and anyone who would listen to help us fill up a U-Haul to take to Atlanta help fill a container that will be shipped to the orphanages that Heart for Africa sponsors. We had this wild idea, and thought, let's try it ans see what happens....WE WERE ROCKED! Initially we thought, maybe fill up the back of our truck, then maybe a small U-Haul trailer....By the end of the day on Friday we had the biggest trailer my truck could haul PACKED with stuff for these babies in need! THANK YOU CAPE G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We put the word out LITERALLY a few days before we left. I am just still shocked at the hearts of people in our church and community. I love this place.

Here are just a few pics of the drop off sites.

Here we are arriving at the Heart For Africa offices with our hog of a trailer. A pic of us with the Ferguson's our awesome new friends, and Janine Maxwell! We are so pumped!

Two crazy Missouri mommas at the Heart For Africa Celebration Event

Lovin' Life with Eric at the event...We danced until I could not longer stand up in my heels!

Three CRAZY mommas with a HEART FOR AFRICA!!! We love what you are doing Janine! Total Maverick!

If you have not done this already and you follow our blog, please read It's Not Okay With Me, by Janine Maxwell. It opened my eyes so much...Not only what is happening in Africa, but also to my own blessed life and it gave me a new perspective that has stuck on what really matters in life. Go for it!
I have a few other things to report about our Atlanta trip, but they will have to wait a bit...Stay tuned for some inspiration.

Okay, we are earning our wings here, once again...We wait. I have been cracking up lately at so many of you who ask about any news, and then tell me you can hardly stand the wait...THANK YOU. I love you for that.
I can hardly wait also, go figure!
I THINK we are getting close...hee hee...Who the hell knows! Sorry if that offended anyone, but this blog is for my real life thoughts...
Every day is a waiting game...Will they call, will they not. Maybe I will leave my phone at home while I run errands so I can look forward to checking my phone when I get home only to find they once again have NOT called...Some serious nutso kind of thoughts going on over here!
I do want to let everyone know that we will NOT be able to post Little Miss Sunshine's pic on the blog until we are officially her parents. Ethiopia does this to protect their children...If you know me very well, you will also know that I will likely have her photo attached to my hip once I know who she is however!
I am pumped! so so so pumped!
If we get a referral this week, it looks like maybe May we would travel...Again is life goes perfectly! So please do not quote me on that, though I know someone will!
God is teaching me some good stuff in all of this.

Two Words...ROCK STAR
This little child is unreal. I am starting to see her grow up a bit and it is rockin' my world. She is starting a new morning program this week, and selfishly I am kind of dreading it...Hard to explain.
She is a crack up in every way...We are learning that at this stage in life however she DOES NOT LIKE momma holding another baby. I mean she FREAKS out lately when she sees me holding another kid, and these are people we know and LOVE big time! Hoping it is just a phase, and I am sure like any person who has been pregnant with a second child, it is kind of wold to think how that will affect your first born.
She has been enjoying wearing ALL of my stuff. Here is a funny pic after the ice storm. This was the gear I had worn outside..The Mini-Me Pics

I never knew I could love so deeply...

That is all for now...This has taken me FOREVER to post! My brain is fried!
Much Much Love-Chantelle


Kim Dampier said...

God Bless you in your mission to help in the country that you are adopting from, it is awesome beyond words! And hang in there on your wait it has to be so very hard!! You're in my prayers each night!

Cheri said...

Glad your birthday was GREAT, trip to Atlanta was AWESOME, and what can be said for Bianca.....SWEET! We love your entire fam like our own!!! C

the truman's said...

Oh my dear Blog friend; I was so hoping for a sweet little birthday present for you! When we were waiting for the "call" everyone kept telling me; In God's time-well, I knew that, just didn't make it any easier and now, guess what? This wait is even HARDER!!! Did you hear me? Yes, even harder! If we pray really hard, maybe our baby girls are together right now and we can go get them together!!!! May or June it looks like-that's if we get a court date
next week! Ugh...I am praying for you beautiful lady!
Much love to you, Eric and Bianca!

Krista said...

Happy (belated) birthday to you. I keep checking in for news too, just like everyone else. About little Miss Bianca and sibling rivalry. Yes, there will be some. We had it with our Miss B when little E came home. Well a little more than a year later and they are best friends and sisters. Check out my blog today for a picture of them loving each other like they never had a day apart in their lives. Warms my heart all the way to my feet! And your girls will have that too. I can't wait to see it!

The Wilkens Family said...

Chantelle- I have been following your blog since you were waiting to bring Bianca home. Love it! Can't wait to continue watching until #2 is safely home. I didn't realize you lived in Missouri...we are one state over in Kansas, but with my roots and some family from both sides living in MO.

I just finished reading "It's Not Ok With Me" about a month ago. A great book and quite humbling and inspiring. My Mason and your Bianca need to meet someday...they would make THE CUTEST PAIR EVER!


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