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Thursday, March 12, 2009

4 Weeks Waiting....Is this the week?

Look at the awesome pic done by our good friend Sarah Trickey this summer at Kentucky Lake. Bianca has changed so much even since this photo! I just think this is such a good picture of the sweetness of a child.
So, alas Bianca waits...momma and dad wait too for a court date to be announced for Little Miss Sunshine...And NO we are not officially naming her this. We have agreed on a name but I am holding on posting it until we know the court date.
On a great note, we received another pic of this little wonder....Yesterday another mom who just got back from Ethiopia sent me a pic she took while at the orphanage. LMS was sleeping and looking extra adorable.
I am starting to get a bit more freaky about the wait, but evening it out with spending lots of really great time with just me and Bianca....We do pretty much everything together and I want to really take in our last few months alone together.
Bianca is really talking in basic sentences now and I am loving it! We have still not even come close to mastering any sort of potty training, but hey, life is still pretty great!
When referring to herself Bianca says, "I, ME" just in case we missed the first reference, which is pretty funny. She can also do one heck of a Mick Jagger impression with the full lips out and a dance jive....This girl has rhythm and already loves ACDC and the Rolling Stones! (Like she has a choice in this family!)

I promise to update as soon as I know more about LMS...I know we are ALL eager to know!
Much, Much Love- And thank you again and again for all of the great support!


Upstatemamma said...

I am very eager to see your good news!!!

Kristine said...

You will hear something SOON :)

Amber said...

I hope you get a court date soon, especially since they hired another judge in Ethiopia.
So close....

Kristi J said...

thanks for your comment..yes, this just all stinks...We got our precious referral on February 10th and on March 10th they called to say she was gone...We already had our court date of May 13th...I'm sad but trying to trust that God knows what He is doing here...I'm just in shock I think still....Praying they call soon with some good news for us...Congrats on your LMS....We were on the same time line...We appreciate the prayers, kristi