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Thursday, March 5, 2009

3 Weeks Down Waiting for Court Date! - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
Hi every Ethiopia baby lovin' blog follower! We are lovin' life just knowing what our little girls face looks like. She is so so so adorable!
I have wanted to post, but have had no news. This is not at all uncommon. Typically after a referral goes out, it is 4 weeks before courts dates are known. We are right on schedule as far as I know!
So, we have been waiting 3 weeks since seeing our baby girl's face for the first time. I expect to post next Thursday info on our court date. To get everyone up to speed here is what the rest of our time line looks like:
1. Get assigned a court date
2. Wait for that great court date!
3. Pass court
4. Wait for Embassy appointment assignment
5. Travel to get our little girl
I have been telling everyone that we are hoping to travel in June....This is just my estimation from the time lines I have seen. Once we know our court date, I am guessing it will be 2 months out. The GREAT thing we have been hearing is that the court that approves adoption in Ethiopia has hired an additional judge. There are lots of rumors, but I have seen many people get assigned a court date, then see them get their court date moved up earlier! This would be a major blessing!
And I FULLY expect it for us!
It is also common for cases not to pass the first time in court. I have the feeling that our case will actually pass the first time for a few random reasons.
Once we pass court, we are officially the parents! Love it! Then about 4-5 weeks after we pass court, we will travel to Ethiopia for our Embassy appointment and will bring home Little Miss Sunshine!!!!
She is still just a little bitty thing! I am thinking she might be about 7 months old when she comes home! We are so so so thankful for this little child!!!!
Please pray for our process to move swiftly so we can get LMS home. We also have several families in our agency with court dates very soon. One family is waiting right now to hear the outcome of their court to bring home their son Simon. Good Luck Newman family!
Then just a few weeks later we have another group of families heading into court.
I really have my hopes up for more updated pics of LMS... There is a family in Ethiopia now picking up their daughter, another family leaving on Saturday, and yet another family traveling the week after! We ALL hope that these families have the time to take new pics of our babies and when they do it is the most amazing gift!
As I posted a few weeks ago, we got new pics when the Griffith's went to get their beautiful baby girl. They have pics posted so check out their blog...She is a doll!!! And we are still loving those photos!!!
God has been beyond good to us during this journey. He has literally changed people's lives through this little child, who is not even here yet! Hearts have been changed, and all of our eyes have been open to another new life.
We were given an amazing gift by our family this past week to help us in our adoption and I am still so blown away. Your prayers, support, love, and heart for this little child have been overwhelming...
I can't wait to see what God has in store..He really is so big and gives us more than I could ever even conceive.
Here are a few pics of Bianca when she was Little Miss Sunshines age exactly...How tiny!

Much Love & Peace-Chantelle


michelle said...

great post, I know you are so excited to get LMS home, we are praying that a quick court date arrives, she passes, then embassy date soon after, travel, LMS is home hooray! Love, Love, Love Bianca's baby photos! I have never seen a child who looks the exact same for two years. . . she has not changed in her face at all, what a doll!

Pineapple Princess said...

Praying LMS is home super, super soon! This is getting exciting! Whoohoo! :)

Bianca's baby pictures are so cute!

Amber said...

Getting so close!

Debbie said...

I keep stalking your blog in hopes of reading about a court date. Hopefully you'll hear something this week.