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Saturday, March 14, 2009

A TINY Sneak Peak of the Perfection!

I know you are all dying to see a picture of Little Miss Sunshine! I GET IT!!! She is just so dang amazing to look at and love....I am a mom freak..I know..So spare me the emails letting me know! ha ha
My best bud Cheri edited this adorable pic for us so we could share Little Miss Sunshine's perfect little mouth with the world without sharing her identity. This baby loves to eat! Every pic I have seen- she has milk on her face! And for those of you who do not know, until LMS is officially our daughter, the Ethiopian government frowns upon sharing photos of Ethiopian children. It is totally for their safety so I am all for it.
We have seen 2 different trips of photos already of her, so I am totally spoiled.
The uplifting news keeps coming...Yesterday Eric's mom called and told me there is a local neurosurgeon who has been in Ethiopia and is going back who heard about our story and offered to go and visit LMS while there! I was totally blown away and so so thankful for the good hearts of people who do not even know us, but are willing to love on our child for us. Now, if I can only convince them to put me in their carry on baggage, I will just need to lose about 50 pounds to make the weight limit! ha ha
We did not hear news about our court date this week, but I am guessing it will be assigned for late May...Only my estimation. It is really hard to tell.
Please continue to pray for LMS-
*For someone to be giving her BIG LOVE while we are apart.
*For God to keep her little body healthy and strong...We love this little fighter
*For God to give me the patience I need to wait this thing out, and not drive everyone around me completely nuts
We have had some blog friends who have received some really tough news about their baby girls over the past few weeks, and our hearts truly go out to them. Please know you guys are completely in our prayers.
Thanks to everyone who loves us BIG! We are so thankful!-Chantelle


Upstatemamma said...


Cheri said...

You know we are praying for LMS. This is our third "wait" for our children together. If there's anything I can do or need to do, just tell me. I may not get the hints or clues, so if you need me to do anything specifically, drop the bomb!!! Malaena-Sloan will be all about lovin' LMS!!!

Debbie said...

That is one cut little mouth. Can't wait to read the court date post and even more anxious to read the "Passed Court" post and finally see the entire photos of LMS.

Unknown said...

Oh those lips are KISSABLE for sure!

Thanks for sharing a little bit of Ms. Sunshine with us!


J, A, T and Y said...

Hey there....just stopping by to say hi. Hope you get good news soon on your courtdate!