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Thursday, March 26, 2009

6 Weeks & Some Change & Mother's Day

Holy Schnikeys! 6 weeks and some change and we will know if Little Miss Sunshine passes court! I was just looking at some other blogs and I found one that has the same court date as us...The thing I did not realize was that May 10 is Mother's Day...I guess because I am still new at the whole mom gig, I did not even think about it. What is even more wild...Ethiopia is several hours AHEAD of us. So our case will be heard on Mother's Day for us..Or at least while we sleep after a full mother's day. What an awesome gift that would pass court on mom's day!
Of course I am totally crunching the numbers these days and now I am starting to realize that in like 10 weeks I could have 2 baby girls full-time! Holy CRAP!!!!
We are loving life today. I am just getting over what I like to call the MOTHER LOAD CRUD. It has given me a new appreciation for feeling good!
I am just so thankful for a quick court date. I know to some, it has not really been fair. Many families who received their court dates well before us, have court dates scheduled few weeks after ours was assigned. There is not much rhyme or reason to this, and we are hoping to see our friend's court dates move up. This whole process has been just a God thing for us. We had some tough stuff early on to deal with, and I will not elaborate too much..But for me it was a really really difficult time. I feel like, and have for some time-that God carried us through the tough time and now the actual process will be easier. For those of you who followed our adoption with Bianca, you know our wait time, was sad- to say the least. This time I really feel very peaceful about this process. I just know that God is in this in such a huge way.

I also really believe with all of my heart that we will pass court the first time, and we will travel 3-4 weeks after!
We got 2 new pics of Little Miss Sunshine last week and in one she is totally smiling, maybe laughing even. The second photo, she is screaming her head off. The grammies have a tough time seeing her cry, but I actually kind of felt good to see two such important emotions in our girl. Likely also a sign that she will follow in her big sister's footsteps by being a little ball of fire!
I have to get it in gear! We have all kinds of commitments coming up during April and early May...I know this time will be gone so quickly....
I think about my daily trips to McAlister's to get a tea. Right now, I get Bianca out with me-no problem. Today when we were there, I saw this mom come in with her 3 year old girl and she was carrying a baby carrier with an infant. I felt sorry for her...She likely started the day looking so cute- good hair and outfit, but as she opened the door, she was all sweaty, disheveled, and frankly-pissed. I instantly caught myself and thought- WHOA, this is going to be me in just a few months!!!!
But I will most certainly be even more sweaty and uncoordinated juggling all of the stuff!
Bianca was big enough when she came home, that I never used a baby carrier. I can't wait to get a better idea how big Little Miss Sunshine is, so I will know what to buy for her!

Well, the count down is on!!!! And we are sooooo happy about it!
Please be in prayer for LMS as she waits for us, for a successful court date, tons of love, and good health for this baby. And for our family in the US- for me to have patience, Bianca to handle the transition well, and for our business to continue to thrive, as Eric makes decisions for our family, and as we prepare to travel to Ethiopia.


Pineapple Princess said...

Your date is coming so fast! How amazing that it will most likely be on Mother's Day!

You will absolutely love being a mama of TWO!!! You will be one of those moms where people say, "Wow! She makes all of that look EASY!" :)

Cheri said...

You know you will always have back-up toting the two girls. Maybe Bianca will even let Aunt Cheri do more for her! Think about what a SHORT time Malaena-Sloan was in the baby carrier. That time truly does seem like it lasts seconds. Also, the folks at McAlister's will come out to your car with your Sweet Tea!!! We know how you need your fix! love you and yours much!

The Andersons said...

Its sooooo close!!!! Our prayers are with you. Has anyone who has traveled and seen her told you how old they think she is? YOU WILL HOLD HER SOOOOO SOON!

Suzanne said...

You are going to make an awesome mother of two. So looking forward to seeing pics of LMS.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this exciting, nerveracking time.

Kim Dampier said...

I continue to keep your Little Miss Sunshine in my prayers at night, that someone is holding her and loving her, along with our baby girl, in Siberia, 2 worlds apart! I think it's the best that an adoptive parent can pray for! You are right these next few weeks will fly by!!!

Stroup Family said...

We are Soooooo Excited getting closer to meeting Little Miss Sunshine! We could not be happier for your family. Cannot wait to hold that precious sweetheart, only if you Ever put her down for a minute!!!!! Love You Guys - The Von Stroups

Kristine said...

Praying for you guys! We are one of those whose court date is after yours even though we recieved a referral in Jan....ugh! But so happy for you!

Our Adoption Journey said...

I am happy to pick little miss sunshine up and hug her for you when we are in Ethiopia! I need you to email me a picture. I will watch for it!!
Wendy Newman

Danielle said...

Hi Chantelle! Thanks for finding our blog! As for where we stayed, America World arranged for us to stay at the Addis View Hotel, which I was very pleased with. I am NOT overly careful about cleanliness (I have 3 boys, after all!), but it WAS in fact very clean. The staff was wonderful, the space was nice (a separate sitting and sleeping area) and the food was very nice as well with a great view of the city on the sixth floor as we ate. If you google it and can't find it, let me know and I'll see if I can track down the website (I'm sure I can). How exciting to be so close. Your Bianca is so precious, btw.