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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Such an awesome surprise in pictures! Check out these awesome people in our lives who will love all over little Solie Becking!
Thanks again ladies! We love you!
Red Velvet Celebration Cake! Momma's Favorite!

Good Day Sunshine! Love the pillow for Solie's room! I love the special thoughts gone into these gifts.

This adorable outfit for Solie says Lil' Miss sweet is that? Thanks Seabaughs!


michelle said...

What a party, so much fun! Can not wait for you all to get there and get that precious baby girl in your arms! (and hug on my boys too, tell them how loved they are) The real party will start when you get home! : )

Unknown said...

I hate I missed spending time with you at your shower. My travel time stinks. I bet the cake was yummy! You looked like you were glowing!! Can't wait to hold that new baby girl!