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Saturday, April 11, 2009


The Becking family, Chantelle, Eric, and soon to be big sis, Bianca are proud to introduce you to at least the FIRST name of our soon to be new baby girl...
Flower Text -

We love the name. Pronounced (Soh-lee)...In honor of Little Miss Sunshine of course, sol meaning sun. We are so so thankful for this little bundle of joy and are eager to hear good news about our court date...
I would love to share her middle name, but it will have to wait until we pass court and she is offically ours. (Ethiopia requests this)
Her middle name is awesome too, and I am so happy to make it a part of her full name. Eric and I had no problem when it came to naming this little child. He is one proud daddy again and Bianca is one proud big sis. You should hear her talking about baby Sooo-yee (Bianca speak).
Looks like we just have one last day to wait for court...Wow, the day is almost here. Let's all enjoy an awesome Easter with people we love. Then we will try to sleep at least a little over at the Becking house while the courts meet in Ethiopia during our night tomorrow night. Send up some love for baby Solie and join us as we believe our next post will be official posting of baby Becking #2!!!!!
God is good, and he has blessed us beyond words!
Love & Peace-Chantelle


Courtney said...

Congrats...........I love her name. I can't wait to see that precious baby on your blog.

Natasha said...

I absolutely love that unique but so pretty. Praying you pass court tomorrow...HAPPY EASTER!

elisa said...

love it :)

I so cant' wait to see her!!!

the truman's said...

Hi there little Momma- You already know I LOVE her name, and her and Gracie are loving eachother right now...I am praying, praying and praying on this resurrection day! Please call me tomorrow when you know...I don't want to bug you...
Big loves and hugs coming your way,
P.S. I was serious when I said you can call me in the middle of the night if need be! I might have to do the same on Wednesday!

michelle said...

Becking family,
wanted you friends to know we are all sending big love your way, and asking our GREAT GOD to grant her favor with ET court so her mommy and daddy can bring her home!
Come home SOLIE!!!!
The Outman's

The Andersons said...

LOVE IT! Its perfect. Prayers are being lifted tonight for you guys!!

Angie said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name!! Congratulations!!! I am praying you pass court tomorrow and she is home soon!

Becky Lee Burk said...

I'm soooo excited for you guys... ahhhh I remember that feeling before court like... you're begging your phone to ring but at the same time sooo nervous b/c you only want good news to come out of it. I'm praying for you guys right now!