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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oh Sweeet Mother, We are Headed to Ethiopia!!!!

Hard to believe it...I am still in TOTAL shock! We got a call from Aneata at our agency today and she told us our Embassy appointment is MAY 6!!!!!! So, we are off next weekend for Ethiopia!!!! WOW!!!! That is too crazy!!!Get ready to add another sweet little face to the Becking Family photo!!!! Solie's coming home!!!!!!
I will post more very soon! But we are official people! Solie Koket will be at home for Mother's Day! What a gift to us all!!!
In other HUGE news...Somebody, (who will want to hurt me when she is big enough to know it is so wrong for a mom to post photos like this) IS POTTY TRAINED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEEEEE HAAAA
Can life BE any better?


Cheri said...

So happy no more diapers for B....just in time for little sis! Congrats on your awesome Mother's Day last year, you this year....wonder which one is next (pretty sure not me!)

Sarah said...

Woohoo!! Safe travels to your sweet baby girl!!

Cindi said...

WONDER-FULL news!!! I had hoped/prayed you would have Solie home by mother's day.. what a Gift...but didn't really expect it would happen.
You must feel like you are in an amazing dream....
And WTG Bianca!!!
(((Hugs))) to ALL of you!

The Andersons said...

WAHOOO!!! Bring her home!!!! Kiss my Sweetness for me while you're there. I can't wait to hear about your trip.

Yeah Bianca!! BIG GIRL!!!

Natasha said...

Yippeeee...I bet this moment seems so surreall!! way to go Bianca, just in time for baby sis:)

Unknown said...

Can I just say WAHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!


This is such incredibly exciting news - your case flew and what a fun journey it has been even compared to anything in GT!

God is good all of the time!

Yeah for your big girl being potty trained. That is one precious photo -sure she might be mad but by the time she finds out it will be long gone anyway!!!

Have a blessed trip and can't wait until your new blessing is in your arms forever!!!!! I can't wait to see photos of her! Full face and body next time - right? LOL!

Hugs and love,

Debbie said...

O HAPPY DAY!!! You're on your way!!!! How exciting!!!! This really did move quickly for you and I can only hope that the same happens for us. After all the trouble we've had just getting through the home study process I feel like we're due for a quick referral, court date and travel date :-)

And awesome on the potty training!!! Lili is starting to show interest now and has her own potty seat, but we've not had any real success so far. Of course she isn't quite 2 yet, so I'm not pushing her too hard at this point.

Rebecca said...

Great news!!!

Amber said...

Yeah for traveling and potty training!