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Thursday, April 9, 2009


Hi everyone...As you might expect, I have hardly been sleeping, and at the same time I have accomplished NOTHING...Lots of time spent staring out into...AFRICA! Not much happening physically, but lots happening mentally!
Do you realize that while we all sleep in our cozy beds on Sunday night, our daughter's case will be heard in an Ethiopian court? It is CRAZY!!! Our attorney will be presenting our case to the judge at some point during our night time. Ethiopia is like 8 hours ahead of us, so it is likely we will know something on Monday morning...We are supposed to be notified the same day,(a new agency agreement) and I am hoping this is the case. Kind of makes me sick thinking of that...I am so so confident this will be our day..Should I even type that? I just kind of have not even really considered not passing court our first try. I am just feeling like we will pass..
About 70% of cases pass on the first court date.
So, I ask...Easter Sunday, when you are hanging out with someone you love, please send up a prayer for Little Miss Sunshine. She needs her momma and daddy! And the sooner we can get to her the better! I need to bombard her with hugs and kisses until she grows old enough to tell me to give her a break! ha ha
We have seen God do some really HUGE things during this adoption process. I cannot even begin to share all of the miracles I have seen...and I am not using the word "miracle" lightly. I know God is faithful and HE is in total control of getting our baby girl home. Now I will trust in him...He brought us together and in a matter of time we will forever be a family. I am so humbled He would choose us to be her parents.
Celebrate this weekend and what God has done for you in your own life. After all it is Easter, and no better time to remember what God has already done for all of us.
Much love


Amber said...

In my orayers for a first time pass!

Unknown said...

Prayers will be lifted up for your precious girl!

Hugs and love!

The Andersons said...

we will so be praying. I want you to get LMS and bring her home!!! And of course, you can love on Sweetness for me too.

Unknown said...

Oh, Chantelle, I can't believe it's already court time....You will be in my prayers and thoughts all day Sunday...I know you will pass...

You are at the home stretch, girly....You'll be packing to bring LMS home so soon!

Kendell said...

Praying you pass the first time so LMS can come home to you!!

elisa said...

I can't wait to see her!!!

I am so happy for you.

Now a favor!

Please cross your fingers and say your prayers that our little girl makes it safely into this world in a week or two and that all goes as planned.

Thinking of you guys!