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Sunday, October 19, 2008


Our great friends and surrogate family-The Stroup's, arrived back in the good old USA late last night with Baby Ella! We have all been waiting for her since just after Christmas last year and we are SOOOOO happy for our friends to have her home. We headed up to St. Louis to welcome them home.
Head over to their blog and read the great story about little Ella. She is the second VonStroup child from Guatemala. She has a bio brother from Guatemala who is 2!!! How AWESOME IS GOD????????????
This makes the Stroup group and family of 8! Keep 'em coming we say! We have affectionately named them the VonStroups! Baby Ella is 10 months old.
Here are a few pics.
Sarah (oldest sis), Shari (ultimate Momma), Our great friend Shelly (Also Room for One More Co-creator), and Me...All happy as clams!

Part of the VonStroup family....A few of the kiddos did not make it...Too late for them, but here are the rest of the happy fam.


Stroup Family said...

How Awesome are you guys!!!! To drive two hours and pick us up at the airport at 10:30PM and then another two hours back home! You two are the BEST! We Love ya and will remember this coming home for Ella day forever!! Thanks for making it so so Special.
Love, The VonStroups

Christina said...

Thank you for coming out of lurking status and commenting. I love your blog - I just caught up. I am going to add you!